New Year Resolutions You Should Have for 2019

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The start of a new year can mean many things for different people: birthdays, the end of the holiday season, a new year of school, and most importantly, a reason to change up your habits and goals. While the motto “new year, new me” has turned into somewhat of a cliché, it carries some positive ambition you should enter the year with. There is no better opportunity to kick start a new routine or rehash your daily, monthly, or annual goals than January 1st! New Year’s resolutions are never as easy to actually follow through with as they are to come up with, but we’ve compiled a list of some of the most doable resolutions you should have and stick to in 2019.

Stick to an active routine

Each and every year, the mass majority of people make it their resolution to hit the gym more frequently. In hope of losing weight or becoming more fit and toned, new gym rats flood the treadmills, ellipticals, and stair-climbers at the turn of the new year. If you know yourself well enough to know that you wouldn’t be able to stick to getting to the gym on a regular basis, set a more realistic goal for yourself. Instead of making your resolution to hit the gym every day, make it broader intention—for example, try to stay active on a weekly basis. The flexibility of this broadened resolution allows you to qualify many activities outside of going to the gym that you can still feel good about.

Try these activities in 2019:

  • Short 20-40 minute runs
  • Biking around your neighborhood
  • Going on walks with a friend
  • Rock climbing
  • Yoga or pilates

Shop less

The mall is a place of temptation, and while giving into temptation may only cost $20 at a time, that money adds up and some impulse buys end up hanging in your closet for months without seeing the light of day. One of the best resolutions for the avid mall-goer or online shopper is to cut spending on clothing. Instead of going to the mall when you’re bored, go to a botanical garden! Instead of giving into impulse buys, ask yourself if you really need another little black dress. Instead of buying a couple pairs of cheaply-made ballerina flats, treat yourself to a sustainable and high-quality pair of pointed toe flats. If you buy higher quality items that are more universally paired with your closet, you’ll end up shopping less for things you don’t need!

Relax more

The typical American works 40 hours a week while trying to cram in an efficient eight hours of sleep every night. That doesn’t always leave much room outside of doing chores or daily maintenance upkeep like meal prep and cleanup. This year, make it your goal to section off time for pure relaxation. Life is stressful, and more often than not, we deprive our bodies of the well-deserved rest they need. Take a weekend off with the family or go on a solo retreat away from the big city to sit back and get your relax on. Not looking to get out of the house? Dedicate a full day to catching up on a good book or binge-watching Netflix movies.

Focus on your health

Winter is still in full throttle, which means the likelihood of coming down with a cold is still relatively high. Starting in January, incorporate more veggies, fruits, and vitamins to help boost your immune system and kick start your digestive tract. Not only will you be better able to protect yourself against nasty illnesses, but you’ll feel great come summer time. Treating your body well may also mean cutting down on salty foods and sweets. Having a balanced diet will leave you feeling fresher and better than ever and improve your health without even having to pay for a gym membership!

Go green

Climate change is a scary reality that forces us to really think about how our actions affect our environment. Make 2019 your year of putting your green foot forward and reducing your carbon footprint. While recycling is an excellent first step, go even further by changing up a few of your regular habits and routines.

  • Change your commute—walk, bike, or carpool to work
  • Go meatless one day a week
  • Take shorter showers
  • Wash your clothes using cold water
  • Buy a reusable water bottle
  • Donate or recycle old electronics


2019 will be your year of change if you make it your year of change! Sticking to these resolutions will make a happier, healthier, and wiser you!


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