ScoopU Poised To Disrupt How College Students Get Around on Campus

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A brand-new service could be coming to a college campus near you and it could change campus life forever. ScoopU can make campuses exponentially easier to travel from destination to destination in three distinct ways: via shuttle, taxi or their newly-produced mobile application soon to become available to all platforms.

ScoopU is an inter-campus transportation system that can move students, as well as faculty, from building to building using low speed vehicles, such as 6-7-seater golf cars, also known as Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs). ScoopU can make walking to class a thing of the past whether it’s from your dormitory, the library or anywhere else on a college campus. The LSVs would be provided to the college or university free of charge and would offer a seamless transportation option to members of their campus community.  

At this point you may be asking yourself, “This just has to be too good to be true.” What makes this business work is the use of small advertisements on the sides and tops of these LSVs and the employment of student workers to operate these vehicles. This ingenious idea could quite possibly revolutionize campus travel and eliminate longer walks to class across sprawling campuses where a walk to class could take as long as 15- 20 minutes. ScoopU also strives to offer schools the opportunity to enable on campus employment for their students. Employed students are projected to be more productive students that not only have more spending money but are also projected to be more focused on their studies due to the added structure in their schedules.

As stated, ScoopU offers three different options to college campuses looking to implement our platform on campuses. The first is a taxi service that would allow students, or faculty, to “flag down” LSVs, much like an inner-city taxi service. The second option available to campuses is a shuttle service where pick up and drop off locations are predetermined by the campus and students would have a predetermined schedule to follow regarding the LSVs. The last, and most exciting, is a phone application that would allow students and faculty to be picked up right where they are and like an Uber/Lyft service. This app would show where your driver is in relation to your location as well as show a push notification for when your driver leaves its last location, is an expected 5 minutes away, and again when the driver arrives. This app is fully functional and can be used on or off college campuses for general navigational needs. These options allow colleges to have flexibility regarding the service, or services, that works the best for them.

ScoopU will prove to be a dominant force in the intercampus transportation field – from your traditional ridesharing options, to the integration of a mobile application, they’re ready to revolutionize campus communities forever while offering countless student-employment opportunities in addition. You better watch out, rideshare companies: ScoopU’s ready to change the game.

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