Staying Up-to-Date With Classic Clothing Pieces

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With 2018 just finishing and 2019 officially here, this is a great time to start reviewing your wardrobe and checking out the newest fashion trends. It may be that when you start looking at what’s coming into style this year, those clothes that haven’t seen the light of day for years are suddenly relevant again. It can also be an ideal time to start throwing out those jeans that you wouldn’t be seen dead in anymore.

We’ve put together this list of the most current trends for men as the new year gets underway:

  1. Relaxed trousers

For the longest time, tight-fitting jeans have been what we see on both the runway and in most stores. But then, in the last few seasons, we’ve seen the return of a more relaxed fit. In 2018, this really picked up, and the loose fit made its way into everything, from coats to hoodies, to go along with the loose-fitting jeans we’ve started to see. While you should definitely keep your skinny and slim-fit trousers in your rotation, loose-fitting jeans are here, and here to stay for the time being.

The best place to start with loose-fitting trousers is with jeans, with a straight leg, rather than any massive flares. Combine this with a more substantial top such as a wool jumper, and you’re ready to go. If you’re looking for cheap, relaxed trousers, make sure to check out wholesale for everyone.

  1. Skatewear

This has been one of the most significant trends for men in 2018, and is only on the rise into 2019. Classic skater brands including Airwalk and DC have seen resurgence. If you keep your eyes peeled, you’ll start seeing them all over the high street.  Combine your skater shoes with large-fitting trousers such as a wide-fitting chino, and combine with a canvas belt and a t-shirt with a logo for that ultimate skater look. You’ll have to walk the walk, too, so no to getting too fancy. Let your belt hang low and pick up some scruffy-looking shoes to finish off the look.

  1. That 70s style

Clothing from the 70s has never truly disappeared from menswear. However, in the last couple of seasons, it made a significant comeback. The style may be slightly toned down from the peak of the 1970s, so perhaps minus the massive platform shoes and perm (or not), but get yourself some suede jackets, corduroy, and patterned jumpers to nail the look. This is a classic style that can be worn both casually and dressed up for a night-time outfit without issues.  

  1. Everything in brown

Possibly linked to the 70s revival, brown is here. Not exactly the sexiest color, it might seem like a difficult color to pull off. But then, get yourself some rusty trousers and brown tops, and you can wear it almost anywhere. Jackets, chinos, and knitwear are all good ideas. Add some navy and black to accent the outfit.

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