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The Importance Of Having Polished Floors in Your Home

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At present, polished flooring is gaining popularity in many parts of the world and individuals are installing them in their residences on a wide scale. Previously, polished flooring was thought to be expensive and was not as popular as it is right now.

However, more and more people are using it on a wider scale with the advancement in technology. Also, people are aware of the different advantages offered by these materials. Apart from making the floor appear a lot smoother, it likewise makes the cleaning process much simpler out there.

Below, are the importance of having polished floors in your house.

1. Durability

It is fact that polished floorings are much more resilient as compared to the other floors out there. The polished look provides a smooth and clean appearance to the surface of the floor. These floors are ideal for locations that experience lots of foot traffic. It is not surprising that most of the posh residences in the major urban centers boast of polished floorings at present. These will come of use when we are looking for long-term solutions. These polished floors are resilient in nature and can last for a considerable period. In fact, they can last up to 10 to 15 years with no need for maintenance at all. This implies that there is no need to take care of the floor in your house once it gets polished. Therefore, resilience is amongst the most notable benefits provided by polished floorings nowadays.

2. No efflorescence

One more significant benefit of these polished floors is that they do not have any efflorescence whatsoever. In fact, polished floors will not allow any dust material to be trapped in it and hence it doesn’t push all of it in the upward direction. As a result, these floors will remain free from dust at all times.

3. Inexpensive

One more reason these types of polished floors are so in-demand these days is that one need not invest a considerable amount of money to install them. In this way, we can save our hard-earned cash in the long run. On top of this, the cost of maintenance is less too, as compared to other types of floors. In fact, we don’t need to do any additional maintenance which helps to keep our expenses in check. Also, there is no possibility for the floor to get eroded even though there might be a lot of foot traffic on them. In this way, it will save our expenses which would have been otherwise incurred for replacement of the flooring from time to time. There is also no need to wax the floors once it gets polished. Therefore, it will be difficult to ignore this method of saving your cash and one ought to take this aspect into consideration when it comes to flooring in his residence.

4. Slip resistance

As mentioned before, polished floors will help to minimize efflorescence which makes it safe in terms of slip resistance. Therefore, it is not surprising that this aspect is amongst the most notable safety advantages provided by polished floors in any residence. In fact, any anti-skid flooring will present lots of risks to the people who are walking on it. Hence, it will be imperative to consider this benefit while making flooring decisions in the future.

5. Prevent the accumulation of dust

We all know polished floors are smooth, and this aspect is appropriate in terms of minimizing the accumulation of dirt. On the contrary, any rough concrete surface will accumulate plenty of grime. Some unpolished floors also enable the dust particles to settle down on the surface and also at the bottom. This makes it difficult for any person to clean the floor which can even damage it.

6. Low maintenance charges

When it comes to maintenance, nothing can beat a polished floor. Firstly, concrete floors are more durable, unlike their unpolished counterparts. This aspect makes them popular at present. Secondly, these polished floors offer a reflective surface which enhances the lighting in a room. Thirdly, because of the non-oppressive nature, polished floors are also ideal for car tires. All these advantages will help you save a lot of money.

7. Customization facilities

Polished floors are available in different colors and designs. This implies that you will be able to select a particular color and design matching the interior of your residence. In fact, polished floors will provide a huge amount of creating opportunities, both for residential and commercial spaces. Therefore, in case you are searching for a flooring option, which will help to increase the effectiveness of any interior space, a polished floor will be the best option.

8. Thermal mass

The thermal mass capabilities of a polished floor will help to make it less expensive in the long run. By thermal mass, we mean the ability of any substance to absorb, store, and subsequently, release considerable amounts of heat. This implies that a polished floor surface will cause lower amounts of energy to be utilized and also it will also lower the expenses at the end of the month.

9. Ambient lighting enhancement

One more advantage of having polished floors happens to be the enhanced reflectivity, especially for the hotels, eateries, residences, and other public places which like to project a clean and bright professional image. According to some professionals, several individuals like the idea of the unique appearance provided by polished floors. They assert that polishing can provide the floor with an enhanced level of smoothness, which is identical to any polished marble or granite which can be obtained with a top-quality high-gloss covering. This implies that polished floors will provide enhanced visibility and also there’ll be less need of any overhead lighting.

10. Makes a structure appear contemporary

At present, there is no doubt about the fact that polished floors have taken the world of design by storm during the last several years. This style helps to make the smooth and cool finishing appear utilitarian and futuristic, which happens to be the primary theme for the developers in the interior design industry at present. This design can be recognized by neutral and gray tones and comes with an innovative “converted warehouse” theme too. One of the primary features of this design style lies in the concrete and polished flooring which is a flat shade like gray or is covered with an epoxy layering. https://concretefloorpolisher.co.uk/polished-concrete-floor-cost can help make your dreams of having polished floors come true, and it won’t even cost you an arm and a leg to do so.

11. Energy efficiency

Polished floors likewise offer no visible VOCs in the construction process. The procedure of polishing likewise enhances the reflectivity of the flooring through enhanced shine and luster. This increment in reflectivity can enable any property owner to minimize the amount of artificial lighting imperative for illuminating any residence. In this way, it will help to enhance the energy efficiency of the lighting system. Apart from this, the daily fluctuations in temperature will be reduced significantly because of the thermal mass which has been obtained from constructing with polished concrete, including the exposed polished floors and the walls. This will likewise minimize the load on the house’s HVAC systems.

12. Sustainability

Polished floors will not need any dangerous cleaner, coatings, or even adhesives. Besides its energy-saving qualities (because of its reflectivity), it will also help to eliminate the energy, cost, and also the material used by applying a coating or floor covering.

13. Minimizing VOCs and airborne pollutants

At present, it has been found by studies that 40% of the population has got sensitivities to chemical substances. A polished floor will not contribute any visible VOCs in any room during the construction procedure and they will also help to prevent any dust and other allergen additions related to any other flooring finish. In this way, they will help to enhance the quality of the indoor air.

14. Retrofitting of polished floors

It is a fact that polished floors can be retrofitted, although new floors will not need much work and are thus less pricey. The method applied for retrofitting any polished floor will be to cut any existing floor slab and then harden and polish it by applying a slab of polished concrete floor which is at least 50 mm in thickness on top of the present slab.

Some surface preparation will be required for the existing floors before polishing to get rid of dirt, coatings, grease or blemish. Wavy floors might need patching on an extensive scale or they can be quite porous in nature which might not be ideal for polishing at all.

15. A treated polished floor is of high value

At present, less costly polished flooring options are available on the market which can be afforded by many individuals out there. It is already available in some houses since many of them are built on concrete slabs. Afterward, an addition of timber, tile, vinyl, or carpeting is placed over it. Therefore, there is almost no competitor to polished flooring on the market at present. These surfaces will reflect flawlessly, thus helping to reduce the cost of illumination within the residence. In this way, the house can remain cool in summer thus minimizing the overall housing expenses for cooling.

16. Health benefits

Dust mites plus household dust is known to eliminate allergies and is helpful for those people suffering from respiratory troubles. A polished floor will not allow the dust mites to gather even after a considerable period of time, and there will also be no harmful bacteria trapped between the tiles and the floorboards. The first step for promoting health will be to set up a polished floor in a residence.

17. Eco-friendly

Polished concrete happens to be a naturally green product. It does not use any harmful chemical substance, adhesives, or glues. There is likewise no need of replacing or disposing of the polished concrete. Polishing will only remove a thin layering of concrete, and therefore, it will be maintenance-free for at least two decades, thus making it the most effective green floor system.

18. Enhanced performance

Polished floors will help to make cleaning affordable and also less troublesome. These floors will help to reduce the expense of cleaning, amount of time, and also the frequency. They will not catch any mildew, bacteria, dust mite, mold, allergen, or moisture, unlike other floor types out there. Also, they’re not porous in nature since they are polished, which implies that nothing will enter inside.

19. Free from marks and stains

Polished floor surfaces are reputed for the protection provided by them against any kind of stain and mark. For this reason, they are so popular at present, which you do not find with any other flooring surfaces at present.

20. No need of any waxing

It is a fact that a polished floor will offer better appearance and functionality, and there will be no requirement for waxing or stripping the surface whatsoever. This will help you get rid of lots of unwanted headaches for maintaining the floor in the upcoming days.

21. Prevents moisture transmission problems

Effective polishing will allow the floor to breathe, and thus eliminate any problem that might arise because of other flooring materials which seal off the concrete, for example, tile, and so on.

Apart from these above-mentioned benefits, there are several more which have not been covered in this article. Feel free to go online and look at the relevant videos and articles on this topic which should help you get a better idea of the different types of advantages and benefits provided by polished floors. In fact, the homeowners are using polished flooring in many parts of the world at present since it allows them to create a floor design which is unique and beneficial too. A polished floor will allow the homeowner to make any room appear at its best in terms of aesthetics and splendor.

Your room will have the much-needed enhancement of valuation which can make you proud in front of your guests. It will not need much maintenance as mentioned earlier in this article which will help you save a considerable amount of money in the long run.

Having a polished floor is also not expensive and anyone can afford it nowadays without breaking the bank. It will not only provide your home with a new appearance, but will also enable you to lead a luxurious and posh lifestyle.


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