The Many Benefits of Recognition Awards

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Regardless if you are a CEO of a company, headteacher of a school, or coach of a football team, showing simple appreciation can be done in many ways. Appreciation and recognition awards are the perfect way to show a student, team player, or employee that you both recognize and value their hard work. Below are the multiple ways you can show someone how much you appreciate their efforts and hard work with a simple plaque or trophy.

Employee Appreciation

When you have a hard working dedicated team it is not always easy to show them that you appreciate them individually. There are many benefits to showing your employees that you appreciate them. To avoid unnecessary politics, it is always advisable to rotate employee of the month awards. This accomplishes many purposes. One, it shows that you are not showing favoritism towards any employee. Two, it boosts company morale and shows your employees that you appreciate them. Do not always assume that a high salary means that your employee knows you recognize their hard work. Most companies experience high turnover rates because employees assume that their company doesn’t care about them. Employee Appreciation Awards reduce turnover rates and increase company morale. According to an article on recognition, even sending a thank you email is an excellent way to show your employees you care about them.

According to an article written by, most US companies spend over $100 billion dollars annually on incentive programs for their employees. It is better to save the company money and just say thank you by giving your employee a plaque. There are a variety of plaques to choose from at You can easily save the money you would spend on an incentive program and use that instead for a fun company outing.

Student of the Month Awards

Teaching is not an easy profession. You are on an average having to manage multiple personalities and encourage, motivate and cultivate young minds. Student of the Week or Month Awards are a perfect way to encourage students to continue to be high achievers. It also motivates students with discipline issues to improve their behavior and focus more on learning. Whenever a student of the month award is displayed in the form of a trophy, plaque or certificate it makes the student feel proud to be a part of their school. Student of the Month Awards can be used to recognize hard work, improvement in behavior, or just to show appreciation to your class helper. Some teachers use a merit or demerit system towards earning awards.

Encouraging Your Team Players

Giving children any sports award at the end of a season is the best way to encourage your team and keep them motivated. Some researchers argue that sports awards will make kids feel entitled and de-motivated. However, encouraging children to participate in sports is another way to combat child obesity and it also builds character. Sports recognition awards also highlight the idea that you are rewarding the team member for their effort, not the outcome. It also increases memento towards being part of a team. Coaches should understand too that they also play a big role in children’s lives. Awarding a child for true sportsmanship also builds character.

Making Your Employee’s Retirement Memorable

Saying goodbye to a company can be the hardest moment for a longtime dedicated employee. When you have invested your life in a company and build long-lasting relationships, it can be very sentimental. In addition to that retirement, it also reminds one that they are now older and the options of working for another company can be very bleak. Awarding your employee or co-worker with a retirement plaque shows that you appreciated their longtime work and dedicated service. The best thing about a plaque or trophy is that it doesn’t cost a lot of money and every time your employee looks at the plaque, they will remember you.

Church Awards

What better way to reward your pastor, choir member, or dedicated donor by saying thank you with a plaque? Annual church awards show members that they are being recognized for their use of time, talent and dedication towards your congregation. It shows that this person is a true humanitarian and is dedicated to selflessly helping out their fellow human beings. These awards are especially beneficial for individuals who helped with fundraisers, gave inspirational lectures, or are talented choir members.

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