The Most Popular Non-Invasive Body Treatments

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It’s no secret that elective cosmetic surgery, or “plastic surgery” as it’s commonly called, has had a huge impact on beauty standards and how people can reach them. Options to combat aging are available, people have gained the ability to reshape features to their desires, and alternatives for fat loss have been presented.

The popularity of cosmetic procedures has increased by nearly 200% in the past two decades alone. There are several potential reasons for this. The increased availability and advancements in procedures are undoubtedly part of the equation. There’s also the public attitude and acceptance toward these procedures to consider. People are generally driven to improve themselves, and if you’re able to change something about yourself for the better, why not do it? Stories of celebrities and other icons successfully having procedures done have no doubt had an impact on public acceptance as well.

There is one other huge factor that is undeniably leading to an increase in procedures—cosmetic surgery doesn’t have to be invasive in many cases. Procedures that require little downtime have been increasing in popularity over the past years, and while women still undergo facial procedures more frequently than men, the trend has become significantly more popular for men since 2005. Non-invasive options are attractive across the board for their greatly decreased risk compared to invasive procedures and their quick recovery. The following are some of the most popular trends.

Botulism Type A

This is a form of the Botulism toxin, derived from bacteria, that is typically used as an injectable in cosmetic procedures. This is generally a facial procedure meant to temporarily eliminate wrinkles or other fine lines. It’s commonly used to reduce or eliminate frown lines, forehead creases, and crow’s feet. It can also be used to soften the jawline or eliminate neck bands.

The toxin essentially prevents muscular contractions, which is how it controls lines in the face. Because of this property, versions of the toxin can also be used to treat muscle spasms. Common side effects can include headaches and temporary muscle weakness near the injection site.


This is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment. While it doesn’t remove as much fat as its more invasive cousin, liposuction, it’s more appealing to many because of the ease of the procedure. But what is CoolSculpting exactly? It’s basically a procedure that reduces fat by freezing it under the skin. Results can be seen within a few weeks to a couple of months, and the procedure is popular among both men and women.

Treatment is simple, and patients can immediately return to their normal lives afterwards. An applicator is placed on the target area to remove fat, and the treatment is typically done in about an hour. As long as they remain still under the applicator, patients are free to do as they please during treatment.

Laser Hair Removal

Highly concentrated light can be used to target hair follicles. The heat from the light damages follicles, making continued growth more difficult. While one session doesn’t cause permanent hair removal, it makes it grow slower, and repeated treatments can potentially eliminate it.


This is an increasingly popular procedure often treated as a non-invasive alternative to a face lift. It’s typically used for facial and neck skin tightening. It works by channeling ultrasound energy to boost collagen production. Virtually no preparation is needed before the treatment, although some people have found it a bit painful, so taking pain reducing medication beforehand may be a good idea. As with other non-invasive procedures, there is typically no downtime after treatment.

As cosmetic procedures become even more creative and convenient, we’ll likely see their popularity continue to soar. The idea of looking as young as you feel continues to become a closer reality.


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