Three Ways That The Future Is Arriving in 2019

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With 2018 all but behind us and 2019 lying in store, what technological developments do we have to look forward to as the new year begins? Well, of course, there are hundreds of breakthroughs, innovations and exciting new gimmicks to pick through when considering the futuristic tech thats well and truly arriving in 2019. But for the sake of brevity, weve listed the top three below – all innovations that are going to change the way humans live, work and play. With tech more impressive than ever, it truly feels as if the present and the future are being brought closer and closer together.

Quantum Computing

You may have heard of this confusing new form of computing power, but its unlikely that you understand it. Thats because its based on the equations penned by some of the worlds most renowned and famous physicists. It takes into account superposition and entanglement theory.

All you need to know is that a revolution in computing power is just on the horizon – and its the sort of revolution thats going to produce a host of technological breakthroughs that were previously unthinkable. As quantum computing breaks into the mainstream, well see new medicines and crops being developed with far higher efficiency levels than before.

Smart Cities

The cities of the future should be beginning to arrive as we move into 2019. But what is meant, exactly, by a smart city? Well, it should have an interactive power grid, so that localised pockets of people can sell energy to the grid should their sources of alternative energy such as solar power produce a higher amount of energy than they require.

But theres plenty more to a smart city that makes it a serious consideration for the future. You only need to look up what is a smart neighborhood to find a dizzying array of features – from security to energy-saving – that add up to something humanity has achieved by pooling its breakthroughs into the housing and urban market.


Theyre already essentially a-go, but some negative headlines in recent years have made the self-driving car a little bit more mysterious and untrusted in the eyes of the general public. On second inspection, the self-driving cars of the future seem good to go, should the major companies decide to bring them to market in 2019.

These exciting and futuristic vehicles rely on a series of mapping and sensory data analysis centers through which to determine their speed and direction. Theyre famously better at navigating the nations roads that humans, who of course are susceptible to human error. One of the other applications of these vehicles is in the shipping trade. Lorries and trucks self-driving across the country to make trade and import/export will, in general, create a more efficient supply chain than what has come before.

There you have it: three ways in which the future is bleeding into the present as we head into 2019. By being clued up on the changes happening around us, you might be one of the first to benefit from their wide-ranging positive impacts.

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