Top 7 Advantages of Air Freight Services

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In this global business environment, businesses are looking to cater to their customers all around the world. The advanced technology has made it simpler to deliver online services, but when it comes to tangible products, the logistics can be extremely difficult to manage.

While most industries use ocean freight to transport their cargo, there are many industries, including automotive, electronics, interior design, etc., who utilize airfreight to transport their consignments. As a matter of fact, the air freight delivers around 30% of the total goods that are transported all around the world. Here are the top 7 benefits of air freight, which makes it an excellent and effective mode of transport for your goods.


Most businesses operate in an extremely competitive environment, where timing is extremely crucial to the success of their products. Using air freight services, businesses can gain competitive advantages by providing shipment of their products much faster than their competitors who use ocean freight or road transportation method for logistics.


The air freight timings of departure and arrival are extremely reliable, as airline schedules are accurate most of the times. Even if there is a delay in the flight, it may only take a few hours unlike the ocean freight or road transportation, which may potentially delay your carriage for many days.

Moreover, it is easier to track your shipment and provide your customers reliable deadlines as you are updated about the status of your cargo.

Wider Reach

Airline covers an extensive amount of destinations around the world making it easier for you to deliver the shipment in any part of the world. This is particularly helpful when you want to deliver to countries who do not have access to shipping ports. This ensures that your business has a wider reach, hence allow you to serve more customers, which will lead to increased revenues for your business.

Lower insurance premium

As the time duration of the transportation of air freight is significantly shorter, the risk associated with the transportation is greatly reduced. Therefore, the amount of insurance premium is comparatively lower compared to other forms of shipping, which will allow you to make substantial savings in your insurance costs.

Better security

The airport safety controls over cargo are stringent and extremely tight, which provides a higher level of security for your cargo. The air freight services also take the tracking and security of your goods more seriously than other service providers, reducing the risk of potential theft or damage to your goods.

Reduced packaging

Generally, air freights do not require heavy packing like ocean shipments. This is not only beneficial in monetary terms but also save the valuable time of the shipper, further expediting the process of shipment.

Better Tracking

Most businesses feel more comfortable when they are able to track their shipment. Air freight allows you to track your shipment, so you remain updated about your cargo from departure to arrival. Ocean freights also use tracking system but it is nowhere as accurate as that of air freight services.

The final words

These were the seven proven benefits of air freight services, which makes it extremely valuable for businesses to supply their products all around the world and cater global market in this fast-paced digital world.

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