Top Reasons to Purchase Pet Insurance

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Some of our best friends in the world are four-legged fur balls that roam around our house all day looking for and giving us plenty of attention. Our pets are both loyal and loving, they often bring us back from the brink of despair and never ask for nothing in return. When we need cheering up they are always by our side to make us smile. So, why not give something back to them in return.

Choose Your Vet & Treatment – Now that you are insured, you get to choose what vet you wish to use and what treatment is best for your pet. Unlike our own health policies, pet insurance companies usually allow you to bring your pet to whatever hospital or clinic you choose. You can select a veterinarian who comes highly recommended, you don’t have to settle for the nearest clinic. All you have to do is present the bill to your insurance company and they’ll reimburse you for most of the cost. It is advisable to read through your policy to insure you fully understand everything, pet insurance companies don’t cover everything just as human insurance policies don’t, things such as pre-existing conditions are excluded from your cover.

Long Term Cover – If you wish to take out a policy in Australia, you can take advantage of long-term cover. Your pet will be covered for qualified expenses well into their senior years. It is important to purchase insurance before your dog or cat reaches the age of 9, you’ll find it difficult to buy cover for older pets, most companies only offer accident cover.

Budgeting – Having pet insurance is a great way to budget for treatment costs and any other requirements, it can be hard to save money for pet emergencies, just like it is hard to put money aside for anything else. You need discipline and most of us lack focus when it comes to saving money for unexpected circumstances. Taking out a pet insurance premium is a way of forcing yourself to save money, you then transfer the risk to the insurer.

Peace of Mind – Knowing you have pet insurance gives you peace of mind, you no longer have to worry about expensive pet bills if someone gets sick or injured. The hardest thing you can do when you’ve no pet insurance is having to choose between them and your finances.

Save on Cost – Having pet insurance takes away a lot of stress, a serious illness or injury can leave you out of pocket for a considerable amount of money. Owners often forget that veterinarian treatments don’t come cheap and without pet insurance you may have to pay many thousands of dollars to ensure your pet gets the treatment they need.

Many owners consider getting pet insurance and it is an important question to ask yourself if you have pets. The best place to start is to consider whether you have immediate access to funds if your pet gets sick or injured, if like most of us the answer is no, then you should consider buying pet insurance.

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