Why Sunglasses Are More Than a Seasonal Accessory

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Shades are the perfect accessory to amp up your style, and to disguise tired eyes when you don’t feel like putting on your favorite concealer. You can wear a pair of shades with a professional dress for an elegant look, or don a pair of aviators with a sharp collared shirt to make a style statement. But what most people don’t even think about is that your pair of classic Aviators can also do more than just cap off your outfits – the right pair can protect your eyes from UV rays to lessen the risk of eye damage.

I know what you’re thinking – how exactly does a high quality pair of sunnies protect me? Read on to find out the main benefits of investing in quality polarised sunglasses and the reasons why you should wear them even on cloudy days.

UV Protection

Prolonged eye exposure to UV rays increases your risk of developing a number of serious eye conditions including macular degeneration, and photokeratitis. And since UV light rays can pass through cloud cover, it is important to wear sunglass that block all light rays to protect your eyes not just on bright sunny days but also during other seasons of the year. Keep in mind that even short-term exposure to UV radiation can contribute to eye pain, light sensitivity, and eye irritation, making it all the more crucial to look for a pair of shades that will not only accentuate your features, but also provide you protection from light glare.

Children as young as three years old also need a good pair of sunglass, as they spend more time outdoors, and thus need more vigilant protection. Just make sure to buy them a pair of shades that block UV rays, and absorb HEV rays.

Skin protection

When you think of protecting your skin from brown spots, the first thing that comes to mind is wearing SPF. But did you know that even that may be not be enough to fully safeguard your facial skin from unwanted pigmentation? The skin around the eyes is very sensitive because it is ten times thinner than the skin on the rest of your face. As such, caring for it is a delicate process that goes beyond applying sunblock to the area. The takeaway here is that keeping the skin around the eyes healthy should also involve wearing sunglasses (preferably larger frames) to block UV rays that can add years to your appearance. When choosing a frame for this purpose, go for one with 100% UV protection. The frame shape and color do not make much of a difference, so you can let your unique style be the guide here.

Glare reduction

Glare is a negative sensation that is produced when a bright light is present in the visual field. This light can come from direct sunlight, reflected light from water, and even artificial light like  households lamps at night. Glare causes visual discomfort as the eyes are forced to adjust to an intensity of light that is greater than the brightness to which they are adapted.

Polarized sunglasses work by absorbing horizontally polarized light before it gets through to your eyes, effectively reducing glare, and allowing you to see clearly even with reflected light surrounding you.

Protecting your eyes against glare is especially important when driving during a sunny day. There are distracting reflections on the road that can impair your visibility, so it’s only right that you wear a polarized shades that provides protection against reflected light to keep yourself and everyone else safe on the road.

Great for Outdoor Activities

If you enjoy hiking, playing snow sports, or cycling across towns, then you definitely need a functional pair of sunnies that is designed to withstand high-impact activities. There are many sunglass options for your active lifestyle, including shades with a snug fit that do not jostle around when you move, sunglasses that decrease dust and sun exposure, and even lenses that are shatter resistant.

With several choices for eyewear that fits an outdoor lifestyle, you are sure to find a pair that is comfortable and secure.


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