4 Ways to Take CBD

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Cannabidiol — “CBD” for short — seems to be everywhere. It’s an ongoing health craze, and it’s not hard to see why when you take a closer look at CBD’s medical benefits. Adding CBD to your healthy routine just makes sense, but how should you do it? As it turns out, there are a lot of different ways to inject CBD and enjoy its benefits.

The why and how of taking CBD

CBD is a cannabinoid, which means that it is one of the active ingredients in the drug marijuana. But it doesn’t get you high — unlike THC, another famous cannabinoid, CBD is non psychoactive. This doesn’t mean that CBD doesn’t do anything, however. CBD has proven medical benefits that cover both mental and physical health.

Those benefits include effects that ease anxiety, a mental health problem that affects a huge number of Americans. With more than 40 million American adults suffering from anxiety, it’s no wonder that CBD has gotten so popular. In addition to its anti-anxiety effects, CBD can help with insomnia and personality disorders, limit swelling, and ease pain.

CBD is legal or de facto legal in most areas, so you’ll be able to buy CBD products without a prescription. But which ones should you buy? Here are four popular options for ways to take CBD.


Smoking is the traditional way to ingest marijuana, and vaping is a popular (and healthier) new alternative. But what about isolated CBD concentrates? They, as it turns out, can also be vaped.

Vaping is a simple and convenient way to ingest CBD. A vape pen fits in your pocket, making it easy to get a dose of CBD whenever you feel that you need it.


CBD can be added to edible things like gummies and baked goods. This is certainly an easy way to ingest CBD — after all, everyone knows how to eat!

CBD edibles can also be delicious. While not everyone will like the taste of CBD on its own, things can get a whole lot tastier when other flavors are added in.


CBD tinctures are among your most straightforward options for ingesting CBD. A tincture is a solution in which something is dissolved into alcohol. A little bottle with an eyedropper is all that you need in order to get a daily dose in the morning or address anxiety symptoms on a case-by-case basis from a bottle of CBD tincture.

Tinctures are good for getting exact doses and for creating your own CBD-infused goods: you could add a few drops of CBD concentrate to your coffee, for instance, or slip a little into your ice cream sundae.


CBD concentrate is also available in pill form. This may be how you get CBD if you have CBD prescribed to you by a doctor (yes, there are CBD-based prescription medications). It is also a great choice for practical and busy people who want to be able to take an exact dose of CBD quickly. And since pills are swallowed, it skips the taste — which is perfect for those who dislike the taste that CBD leaves in their mouth when they use a tincture, or who don’t care for the CBD edibles options that they find in their area or online.

Finding the right solution for you

So which way of ingesting CBD is right for you? Everyone has their own tastes. You should try a few different methods before settling on a favorite. When you land on the right solution, you’ll find that it’s easy to make CBD a part of your healthy lifestyle.

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