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5 Spring Refresh Tips for your Home

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In fall, you probably got your home ready for a long snooze to get you through the winter. Come the end of February, you know what you have to do. You have to get your home ready, right out of snooze mode to “live mode” in readiness for the warm seasons. Lighten up the rooms; get rid of the heavy draperies that you had brought out for winter, and do much more.

Thankfully, a spring spruce up should be quite easy to do with the simple tips that you will read below.

Stow Away The Winter Items

With the approach of spring, it is time to start wrapping winter up. You probably want to keep the heavy rugs, the heavy blankets and the coats away. However, before you do that, you have to clean everything.  

You do not want to put dirty coats and blankets in your closet. While you are storing your winter items away, it is also time for you to see about de-cluttering the closet. Sort all the items out, find out what you should throw away, give away or keep. Give your house a new leash of life by getting rid of the clutter.

Add A Pop Of Color

Spring without color would be so dull. After all, there will be a lot of color outdoors as the flowers come to life. However, you can do a few things to bring some of the color indoors.

Remove the dreary (or not so dreary) winter curtains and hang up the bright spring curtains. Bright colors would be best.

In the bedroom, this is the time to add a few touches of the color of sunshine – yellow. In the sitting room, toss a few bright cushions and pillows on the couches. In spring and summer, you can never go wrong with color.

Bring Nature Indoors

With a lot of life popping up all around you outdoors, you will want to bring some of that right into your home. So keep the flowers in the vases fresh, pick a new bunch daily if you want. This is also the time to add a new indoor plant into your plans. A bowl of fresh fruit would be a welcome addition on the table.

De-Clutter Every Room

In spring, the one thing that you want in abundance at home is space and airiness. Now, the only way to get these two is by removing all the clutter from the room. People tend to pile up stuff during winter. Things like shawls, comforters, heavy socks and leg warmers find their way out of the closet to the couches, bedrooms and other spaces.

Spring is the best time to get rid of things that are too old, stuff that you do not need. You can even remove the extra furniture from the rooms. The best, though tiring way to get rid of clutter is to remove everything from the room, including the furniture and then put back what you think is necessary.

A Thorough Clean Up

Spring should not find your house with grime, dirt and sometimes even mold that some dark spaces may have accumulated over winter. This is the time to bring the steam cleaner from storage and put it to good use. Move the furniture from the walls and clean the spaces behind them. Clean all the curtains, linens, fans, cabinets and give special attention to the kitchen and the bathroom. Keeping a clean house will help you get rid of indoor allergens.


Doing it yourself is a great idea when you do interior design or refreshing your home in small scale. On the other hand, if you want some significant change, taking professional help is the best idea as it can save you both time and money. Beverly Hills is known for incredible interior designs, you can simply replicate a Beverly Hills interior design for your home or office. You many also like interior design Hollywood as well.  

Refresh your home for the coming warm seasons applying the tips in this article and only then my little efforts of sharing these ideas will be effective.  


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