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5 Tech Accessories That Won’t Make You Feel Like a Geek

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Technology is a way of life in this day and age. It is no longer practical to try to live your daily life without devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Without our technology, we’d have a very difficult time getting things done at work or connecting with our friends in our personal lives. And technology is with us in other places, too. We use devices when we work out. We use devices to track our sleep. We have devices that can answer our questions or summon our favorite movies to our TV screens.

Technology is normal. But — let’s face it — it is not always cool. Technology still holds a special appeal to the geeks of the world, and while there may be a bit of geekiness in each of us, nobody wants to look the part. So how can we avoid looking too geektastic as we tote tiny computers everywhere or use the internet to do things that are as essential as cooking and dating? Here’s one idea — accessorize. These are the tech-related must-haves that will add a little hipness to your geeky necessities.

The hip device sleeve

A lot of work goes into designing devices that look hip. But the best-looking stuff can cost a mint, and even the coolest devices are still devices. Here’s a solution — stash your tech in a sleeve.

A simple sleeve is a great alternative or addition to the often clumsy-looking cases that we use to protect our smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Sleeves can come in attractive fabrics and designs, and can even bear the names, logos, and design hallmarks of brands that we know and love.

Anything with a wood or fabric veneer

Plenty of luxury tech items are out there, and they can cost quite a bit. But the design decisions made by some of these luxury manufacturers really do make pieces of technology look a little less geeky.

In particular, keep an eye out for fabric and wood veneer. Classic materials like this will look much nicer on tech products than modern metals and plastics, because they offset the vibe of modern technology and subvert expectations.

The best wireless headphones you can afford

Sometimes, technology can be cool. Headphones can be a fashion statement, so don’t get caught wearing cheap wired ones. Invest in headphone tech that is cool enough to be wearable, and walk down the street or hop on the train in style. Skipping the wire will make your headphones more convenient, too — you’ll love them for working out and running, and you certainly will not miss getting caught on doorknobs all of the time.

Smart plugs and bulbs

Smart plugs and bulbs aren’t exactly hip in and of themselves. But they’re also not very obvious. Nobody is looking too closely at your light bulbs and outlets, which means that swapping them out for smart products is a great way to make a tech upgrade without making a style downgrade. Plus, choosing smart home products can give you the ability to adjust room lighting and other things to create a hipper vibe in your space.

The athleisure smartphone pouch

Working out is better when you look your best — you won’t mind breaking a sweat in front of others, and you’ll be able to run errands on your way to or from the gym without dying of shame. But the athletic or athleisure look doesn’t always come with enough pockets. Your solution is the removable phone pouch, which can be tucked into your waistband for a practical and unaffected look that vibes perfectly with your workout chic — but that can also be removed easily for when it’s time to get down to business and actually do this yoga.


Finding the right balance between function and innovation for products can be difficult. The utility of these accessories is not outdone by their design or features so you will look just fine in the average public setting.

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