A Memorable Holiday Destination – Welcome to Spain!

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The Iberian Peninsula is a place of innumerable wonders. Akin to enchanted kingdoms that exist in realms of their own, it is surrounded on all sides with natural borders, which lends it a particularly intriguing quality due to the culture that has developed independently and yet so intricately connected to the tempestuous winds of history. It is an opportune and memorable holiday destination for those that are looking for a diverse adventure, so without further ado, welcome to Spain, a cultural pillar of Europe!

 Madrid, Spain

European rustic exotica

Even among Europeans, España is considered to be somewhat exotic. The roots of this can be found in its eclectic cultural and architectural heritage that is quite incomparable – it was, after all, a colonial power. In addition, Spain boasts all the enjoyable perks of a tourist destination – including decadent traditional cuisine, laid-back lifestyle, pulsating nightlife, a treasure trove of natural wonders and countless festivities.

 Andalucía, Spain

A vast country

Spain covers about three-quarters of the Iberian Peninsula and accounts for circa 500,000 km² (or about 190,000 mi²). The country of this size is, naturally, divided into distinct regions that each cultivate their own historical tradition. These regions include Andalucía, Catalonia, Galicia, Basque Country, and the Balearic Islands. While you’ll likely have to miss out on some of the highlights or entire regions on your first visit, navigating around is not at all daunting, especially because the locals are so laid back and helpful. You’ll feel as comfortable in Spain as you would back home.

Marbella, Spain

The charms of Madrid

It is a common practice among travelers that they visit the capital of a country they are touring for the first time. While Madrid truly is the capital of Spain, it is one of those unique cities that is so much more than a seat of government surrounded by a few landmarks. In order to “dissect” the decadent charms of this urbanity, you will need to rely on good organization and fast pace. The best Spain travel packages will include comprehensive tours with a range of adventurous activities that will really give you the feel of the city – and it is a city with a thousand faces.

On the one hand, you have a vibrant nightlife that has pretty much garnered a legendary reputation throughout Europe, and on the other, you have a history that includes the echoes of the Hapsburg dynasty etched into virtuoso architecture of Renaissance and Baroque finishes, jaw-dropping palaces and twisty Madrid streets filled with restaurants that offer top-notch Iberian Ham.

 Madrid, Spain

It’s an excellent “family with kids” destination

While vast plains of the central region and colossal slopes of the Pyrenees are picture-perfect for solo travelers, Spain also has awesome destinations for fun and safe vacation with kids – especially the Mediterranean coast, focused on activities around Barcelona. While some may quip that Spain’s inner coastline is a bit of a cliché, it is actually quite comfortable and cozy choice if you have a pack of unruly kids with you. They will utterly adore the beaches of Catalonia and Andalucía and Barcelona is a colorful marvel they will enjoy – especially the positively enchanting Park Güell, theme parks and a chocolate museum. It is also one of the cultural centers of Europe, which means that an art-enthusiast will be in literal heaven while touring local galleries and museums.

Barcelona, Spain

The astonishing Andalucía

However, Andalucía is so much more than its coastline. This southernmost region of Spain covers an incredibly vast territory that is larger than many European countries. It stretches from the Sierra Nevada in the east to the Atlantic in the west and the Sierra Morena in the north. If you have enough time on your hands, you should rent a car and embark on an unforgettable ride across gentle hills riddled with orange trees, wineries and bucolic sites.

Marvel at Almeria’s captivating arid landscapes and visit some of Spain’s most beautiful cities such as Seville, Granada and Cordoba. If this is your first visit to Spain, you should also visit this region in order to see and learn more about the influx of Moorish influences on this corner of Spain – which is reflected in cultural legacy and incredible architectural feats which can be found in the mentioned cities but which are also scattered across the region.

 Seville, Spain

If an acquaintance you have met in Spain wishes you many happy returns upon your departure, don’t be surprised. Whoever has had a chance to visit this alluring country falls in love with it instantly and begins planning a new adventure on Andalucía plains, Madrid streets and Balearic shores long before they touch down back home. It is the ultimate destination in all the ways that count and it is a gift that keeps on giving no matter how many times you decide to return.


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