A Powerhouse Making Her Mark in Real Estate

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I had an opportunity to sit down with the beautiful Brenda Di Bari and speak to her about the real estate business, life and the state of the market. She certainly has such knowledge and expertise and what I like most, she’s very genuine! Di Bari cares about the people in her world and that included her clients who she spends time with and gets to know in order to achieve their goals. She takes it personally as moving to a new home is a place you consider a safe haven and one in which you spend most of your time.  

I asked Di Bari about her switch from Halstead to Compass as that is always a hard decision to make as you are growing your team and practice. With extreme poise, Di Bari explains, “Deciding to switch from Halstead to Compass was indeed very difficult for me. It took me over six months from the time Compass reached out to me, to the time I decided to make the move. I am an entrepreneur and have a vision of creating my team of professionals to deliver a next level experience for each client with whom we have the honor of working with. A real estate transaction yes, but more than that, a customized selling and buying path that takes away the stress, mystery, wheel spinning and frustration that so many people experience. After careful consideration of several factors, it became clear to me how well Compass fit with my vision of my career journey. I wanted to become part of the ever-growing Compass community and connect with industry leaders that make me part of a robust network, increasing my client’s exposure and access to real estate offerings across the country and increasingly, globally. It’s the first brokerage whose stated mission focuses on caring for the agent in a way that empowers me to be the entrepreneur that I am. Providing me with my dedicated support staff, access to healthcare, innovative financial components that are extended to me, as well as economic elements extended to my clients like bridge loans and Compass Concierge, which covers upfront expenses of optimizing a home before it goes up for sale, which is then repaid from the sale proceeds. Compass creates an end to end real estate platform that facilitates the entire transaction and increases transparency. Being equipped to integrate more innovative technology into my business practices, enhances my ability to offer my clients an unbeatable and unique experience.” It certainly sounds like you made the right decision because it is hard to compare all those additional services that Compass provides to their employees and their clients. I commend you for making the move. Congratulations!

I admire this single mother of 6 who is a powerhouse and does everything she can to work hard, take care of her children and find a little time to take a breath all while balancing this on a daily basis. There really is no down time! When speaking to several of Di Bari’s clients, the first thing they speak about is her customer service. Brenda shakes her head and agrees, “My profession is a service and my clients have chosen to work with me. I never forget that nor take it for granted! I make it my practice to listen very carefully to what their needs are and combine that with my sixteen years of real estate experience to deliver an above and beyond level of experience for them. My commitment to my client does not end with any given transaction but is an ongoing effort to be sure I have done the very best job possible for them. I endeavor to be as responsive as possible and ask for their feedback. I use their input to continue to refine and master my business skills and practices.”

I asked Di Bari how she stays true to her brand and who she is. “It is always my goal and my mission to provide an exceptional experience to my clients. I am helping people with what is often their most expensive asset and almost always an emotional course. I take my responsibility as their agent very seriously and endeavor to be responsive to their needs and to treat them the way THEY want to be treated. I genuinely care about their outcome and this authenticity is appreciated by them. I take pride in the fact that many of my clients become friends and that my referral business is strong. A referral is probably the most significant indicator of my client’s satisfaction.”

We started to speak about the market and the ups and downs that we have been seeing. I asked Di Bari about the challenges real estate experts see in the market right now. “The biggest challenge I see the market facing at this moment is the level of uncertainty people feel when listening to and reading conflicting news reports on potential scenarios. Factors contributing to this uncertainty are whether or not interest rates will rise, what will be happening this year in Washington, D.C., what will be the result of our trade negotiations with China, and so on. We also cannot ignore the affordability factor, the continual rise in housing prices over the past ten years, outpacing the rate of inflation and income growth, has slowed a bit and should continue to stabilize which will help buyers achieve homeownership. More local to my market, New York City, we are looking at the impact of growing tech populations created by the headquarters of Google, as well as many of our newest luxury developments opening in 2019 such as Hudson Yards, 220 Central Park South and Central Park Tower, to name a few. The one thing that is certain according to economic experts is that the market, while slower, does not resemble the housing crisis we faced in 2009.” This led me to ask Di Bari about the newer luxury developments that are popping up all over Manhattan. Every time I turn around, there is another Highrise going up. I often wonder when I stare at these new luxury buildings what they look like on the inside and what amenities do they offer. Of course, Di Bari is in and out of these new luxury buildings all day long and she shares that, “Newer luxury developments are offering a lifestyle experience by coming in amenity heavy. These amenities include, smart homes; sports and fitness centers that offer a high variety of exercise options, eco-friendly/green living including more elaborate recycling centers, water conservation, energy saving appliances, car charging stations, solar panels to supplement the electrical systems, green spaces and rooftop gardens, common lounges and movie theatres, business centers with WIFI to accommodate the increase in work-from-home residents and of course, luxurious pools and spas.” Wow! Just when I thought I was living in a nice building. Di Bari might have a new client on her hands, and she doesn’t even know it.

I was curious what was instore for Di Bari and her team from Compass and what will set them apart from their competition. “I have a dedicated marketing coordinator on my team, and we will be using advanced marketing technologies to get my client’s property sold quickly and at its full potential value. As I always have, I will continue to go the extra mile for the buyers with whom I work. Benefitting from my sixteen years of experience and the technology at my disposal, I can save them a lot of time and effort by finding the properties that fit most closely with their objectives without wasting their time running all over the city. There are vital attributes that shape my work approach; motivation, experience, communication skills, integrity, tech-savvy, ability to network, negotiation skills, attention to details and problem solver.” Sounds like some great qualities to me!

There are so many young real estate enthusiasts that are trying to break into the business. I asked Di Bari to share advice and she stated, “The best advice I can give to anyone interested in an entrepreneurial venture such as real estate brokerage, is to bring your authenticity, value and principals. The real estate industry is notoriously difficult to break into and to sustain yourself long-term. Therefore, your reputation not only among your clients but also your peers is key to longevity. A successful agent will have a high percentage of their business through referrals. These referrals will not only be made by past clients but also from other real estate agents that may not serve the geographic area sought, or specific needs of a given client. Being a consummate professional with integrity will prove to be everything.” How true that is and certainly words of wisdom from a powerhouse making her mark in the real estate business.


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