Exciting Ways to Spend Valentine 2019 as a Couple

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Have you recently moved to a new city and without a partner? Or perhaps you’ve ended a relationship and are single and available. Whatever your situation is, if you don’t fancy the idea of spending Valentine’s Day 2019 alone, you could explore the world of online dating. In fact, online dating is trending across North America. If you haven’t latched on, it’s time to take the plunge! Whether you’re keen to hook up and meet black singles or start dating mature women, the possibilities are endless in online dating.

Once you have a date in hand, a few exciting ways you could celebrate your first Valentine’s Day together in 2019 are:

Get aerial: Perhaps there’s nothing more romantic than soaring up above everything else in the big beautiful sky on a bright, beautiful day. Hot air ballooning has really taken off in popularity, and if you’ve never done it, it’s now or never! Impress your date and make it a memorable Valentine by booking an exclusive hot air balloon ride for just the two of you. It may be a bit expensive, but Valentine’s day is the time to pull out the stops and have a blast. Make it all the more enjoyable by getting a picnic hamper and a bottle of bubbly. How much more romantic can it get just the two of you soaring majestically across the sky! Ahem… two minor amendments, i.e. a). Float, not fly across. b) There would be the driver manoeuvring the balloon. There will be the three of you!

Enjoy something adventurous: When people are placed together in risky situations or something scary, they tend to bond together with the sudden adrenaline rush they experience. This Valentine, if the both of you are the adventurous type and up to doing something thrilling as a couple, how about taking up an adrenaline-filled activity? It could be as simple as watching a genuine horror movie together (not the Scary Movie parody, please) – something that will really give the goosebumps. Heighten the experience by watching the film at night in a room with no lights! If that doesn’t seem adventurous enough, do a hardcore activity such as bungee jumping, diving with sharks, or skydiving. The latter options will really help to bond (maybe even for good)!

Go on a weekend getaway: Irrespective of the day Valentine falls on, there’s always the option to enjoy a weekend getaway to spend quality time as a couple. Surprise her by secretly making reservations out of town at a seaside resort or whichever place you find romantic. Tell her you’re planning a special dinner on Friday. Get a bit creative and secretly pack a bag for the both of you, and whisk her off to the airport, only breaking the news on the way to the airport. She’ll be thrilled to bits. Both of you get to revel in each other’s company, and you can enjoy a chilled out romantic weekend spent in romantic bliss.

P.S.: Just make sure you’re back in time for work on Monday morning, or your superior may decide to make the post getaway week rather unromantic!

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