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Have you ever walked around the corner and have the view take your breath away?

On a beautiful spring day in Washington Crossing, PA at Crossing Vineyards and Winery, we had the most mesmerizing view and hospitality that kept us coming back. It wasn’t just the fantastic views and excellent wines – it was this welcoming feeling of hearth and serenity. It is a feeling that led me to ask about its story.

One crisp winter day my husband and I met with Christine and Tom Carroll Sr. to talk about how it all began. Tom and Chris began to explain that their son, Tom Jr. when he was 10 years old, conceived the idea of this vineyard. They were having breakfast and he clearly stated how the estate would make a perfect Vineyard and Winery. Tom Sr. didn’t give it much thought, after all, he was 10 years old and certainly not old enough to know about wineries and vineyards. As time passed and Tom Jr. worked in California, he self-taught everything he needed to know about winemaking– viticulture, and enology. “Tom Jr. worked with a master winemaker as a consultant in the early days of the winery; before too long, the student became the teacher and Tom was off and running on his own,” explained Christine. He called his family and described an elaborate plan to transform their estate into a Winery and Vineyard. It was fate.

Today, the vineyards provide wines that captivate the flavors of their travels and taste. This winery has evolved to be an experience that the Carroll family wants to share with everyone who winds up there for a wine tasting, a performance, a wedding or any memorable event the vineyards host. The Carroll’s actively travel to different regions of the world tasting wine and bringing back all of their favorite tastes. Their wine selection has a taste so close to those found in Europe (especially France).

Last Spring I remember asking if their Viognier was just called a Viognier or did they export the grapes from France? Dustin’s (Wine Connoisseur/ Mixologist) response, “No, we began growing Viognier grapes in our Vineyard.” The taste is exact. I am not a wine expert, but from my growing taste for wine, I am spot on identifying regions. I noticed they offered a drink called “The Crushie” which is essentially a Rosé infused blended ice beverage. In the Winter their equivalent is “The Cozy” which is a delicious– rich hot chocolate beverage made with their cherry chocolate truffle wine. The Cozy lives up to its name. You feel cozy right after the first sip. The selection is outstanding and I wanted to learn about their process. We were impressed with every wine flight to date.

We knew we came across something special when we heard more about the winery and vineyard from Tom Carroll Sr. He explained to us how they transformed their stables and the barn into the winery we see today. His son Vintner Tom Carroll Jr. uses a computerized weather station to collect data on the microclimate. His work in creating the same conditions found in Europe the vineyard is able to grow Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chambourcin, Chardonnay, Vidal Blanc, and Viognier. They have a state-of-the-art refrigeration system capable of maintaining a consistent temperature during fermentation. I learned about their green practices and sustainable agriculture methods. Instead of using chemicals in their vineyards they incorporate organic and biodynamic methods of controlling weeds, insects, and disease. This keeps the taste clean and natural, the way it is supposed to be.

The Carroll Family has created a winery and vineyard that perpetuates happiness. Crossing Vineyards and Winery is host to a Summer Wine & Music Series. It has several performers on the weekends. It hosts private events, parties, and weddings. They also have a Wine Club! According to their website, you purchase 12 bottles each quarter and enjoy a 20% discount on all additional bottle and single case purchases. Member benefits include unlimited complimentary tastings, free summer concerts tickets, members-only events and much more!
If you’re making a trip to eastern Pennsylvania this is a must experience.


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