Hair Extensions – Most Powerful Guide for Beginners

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“Please, God! Please, give me long and healthy hair by the time I wake up tomorrow morning”. How many times have you made this same prayer before going to bed? But here is the thing – you can get beautiful long and stylish hair within an hour. The answer for you is hair extensions.

What Are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are also known as hair integrations. They are used to add the length and volume to make your hair look more stylish and for sure. Have you ever think about how these extensions are made? This process of hair extension can be made of natural or synthetic hair. In Natural hair extensions, natural hair is preserved, and all the hair runs in one direction, giving it the most natural look. Well, it comes with a great expense, but it will provide you with the best quality result. If you are tight on your budget, Synthetic hair extensions will be a great choice as they are the cheaper option. Synthetic extensions are good for anybody who wants a temporary change in style. However, they will not match that quality, but it can save your money.

When it comes to beauty and fashion, it does not get any better than hair extensions. Hair extensions when acquired right can transform your looks. Hair makes every woman look at least five years younger. However, the problems lie in deciding how to correctly wear your hair extensions and what brand would fit you.

Choosing the right hair extension and method can be most difficult for you. However, it is essential to select the best extensions, which suits you and your personality, which depends on several factors like your hair type, lifestyle, your profession and most importantly your budget.  As these extensions make you more confident and stylish but there is a dark side too which not discussed often by anybody. Yes, you heard me right. There are some severe cons that you need to be aware of before booking an appointment with your Hairstylist. It has its Pros & Cons.


  • Most suitable to add length and Volume to your hair.
  • There is no commitment, so you can change color, length or volume whenever you wish.
  • They are very easy to put in and out, no salon required.
  • It takes very less time to apply for extensions.
  • These hair extensions are reusable, which makes them cost-effective.
  • Blends seamlessly with your natural hair and easy to wash.
  • Add some bounce to your regular hair
  • It can be used to get a new look like a fringe or a particular cut


  • They cannot be worn for long periods, need to remove before sleeping.
  • They can fall out or shift from its place over the day.
  • They need proper care and handling to last long.
  • You can not apply any oil or any silicone based product as they may cause to slip            
  • Down your extensions.
  • Hair cannot be comfortably tied up when these extensions are in.
  • It increases the strain on your head as it is artificially applied there.
  • It will cost you if you go for Natural hair extensions.

There are so many brands with their various features. It would be important to know the hair extensions, which would be best for your hair. To keep in mind all the pros and cons that people are confronting is providing value-added hair extensions to meet the user’s needs. You may find unleashed hair extensions with multiple advantages on this platform.

Your reason for wearing can be different, but your buying decision should be well researched. We recommend you to prefer this guide while buying your desired hair extension.



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