How Being There For Someone Can Affect Their Lives Dramatically

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Lending support to another person can be very rewarding to both you and that person. Although it takes time to figure out how to be there for others it is definitely something that is worth trying. Even a simple act or gesture can make a massive difference to someone going through a difficult time.

Being truly there for someone takes sincerity. It is all about being invested in who that person is and who they want to become in future. That is the best way to show that you care about making life easier for them.

Here are some of the ways being there for someone can affect their lives:

1.  Bringing out the best in them

Being there for someone will not only help them rebound from negative experiences in life, but it will also inspire them to be the best they can be. That means that they will be more confident to want to achieve bigger goals and try new things. When you share genuine friendship, people feel more comfortable to share their aspirations because they believe you can give them the emotional push they need.

2.  Support whenever they need it

When your friend or friends know you are there for them, they can rest assured that they won’t have to beg you for help because they can count on you to be available even before they ask. They know that you always give 100%, whether it’s your best man duties or any other type of support. Sometimes you may not realize how much you really mean to a person, even when they try to express it to you.

3.  Their health

A strong friendship can have a significant impact on a person’s health. Research has shown that people who have deep connections with others have a lower risk of diseases. This is because positive friendships help lower heart rate, cholesterol and blood pressure. Friendships also come with a number of psychological benefits including a sense of belonging and increased self-esteem.

4.  A greater sense of connectedness

When you are there for someone, they can’t help but feel connected in a manner that provides them with a great sense of comfort, belonging and identity. As humans, we have a strong desire to feel a connection with others. We have a very strong emotional drive that makes us want to be around other like-minded people. Just knowing that there is someone ready to lend you a helping hand gives you peace of mind.

5.  Trust

Genuine friendship teaches us how to be trustworthy and also how to trust other people. When you always stick up for someone even when they are not there, they trust you fully. They know they never have to worry about you talking behind their back or doing something else against their wishes.

In summary

Being truly there for people you care about is something that comes from deep within you and cannot be forced. Many times, just being there is enough. It’s not about fixing or doing anything in particular. It’s about making people feel like you care for and support them.


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