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How to Finally Take Your Life Back: The Wellness Edition

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Life can be messy, especially when your mental health is anything less than 100%. From anxiety to even more serious mental health disorders like BSD – it’s shocking how much your mental health can impact your quality of life, from making it difficult to manage relationships to causing a total breakdown. There is no such thing as ignoring these issues until they go away. You need to address them and take your life back by following these tips:

Attempt A Healthy Routine

Healthy routines support our bodies and our minds, but as with every habit, they are hard to form. Bad habits are hard to break, which is why you should make it your goal to try. Even doing something poorly, like putting all the dirty dishes in the kitchen instead of leaving them around the house, add up. Try, because the alternative is not doing it at all, and when you try you build up good habits piece by piece.

Try to Clean Up Your Surroundings

A clean environment is one that supports your mental health and physical health. It can also be very therapeutic to commit to. Kickstart your clean home by doing a big spring clean. After all, if you get rid of all the clutter that is holding you back from enjoying your life you can keep it clean far easier.

Invest in Activities That Help You Feel Calm and Happy

Try to slow down your habits and hobbies by finding activities that help you feel peaceful. Try to reconnect with this feeling of calm so that you can improve your overall wellbeing and lead a fulfilling life. For example, read instead of go on Instagram. Have a night in with friends instead of going to a club. By investing in these calm hobbies more we can reduce our overall stress.

Understand Your Mental Health Needs

Though healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle can do wonders towards improving your life and outlook, they are not cure-alls. The brain is incredibly complex and no amount of vitamins can fix it if it is chemically imbalanced or you have been traumatized in the past. Understanding your mental health needs is imperative, and often the best place to start is online. You can read up about a borderline personality disorder from a professional clinic like The Recovery Village, for example, and if it sounds like you immediately have all the contact information you need to book an appointment. Understanding is the first step to seeking out help, so don’t deny yourself any longer.

Find Friends and Stick to People Who Are Healthy

Toxic friends are dangerous to our health, our lives, and to those others around us. Cut them out immediately. It doesn’t matter if the reason they are toxic is because they make you feel bad about yourself or because they encourage damaging behavior.

A healthy body will help support a healthy mind, but to truly take your life back you need to do so much more. Learn more, seek out help, improve your lifestyle, and seek out support to help you stay on track. It won’t be an easy journey, but nothing worthwhile in life is.

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