How to Put Together a Last-Minute Event

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No matter how organized you are, sometimes things come up last minute. Whether at work or home, one of these things can be the need to throw together an event with a limited amount of time. It can seem like mission impossible, but it may comfort you to know that many people have been able to pull off successful events within a limited amount of time. Although it may be stressful, if you focus on the elements that make an event successful, you should be able to achieve the goals you set. On that note, keep reading to find out how to put together a last-minute event.

Choose a Venue

As you have a limited amount of time, finding a venue may be a tough task. In light of this, decide whether it’s an event that you can pull off in your office or at a free venue before doing the big hunt. When choosing an event venue, you want to consider capacity, location, ambiance, and of course, cost. Use online platforms to help you narrow down your search and give yourself a strict deadline.

Use Vendors

If you’re putting together an event with a limited amount of time, you’re going to have to choose between DIY and hiring vendors. If you want to reduce the amount of stress you’ll face and avoid doing a sloppy job, it could be a better idea to hire vendors. Your job would then be to look for ones that are capable of delivering what you need in a limited time-frame. Two vendors that you may want to look into hiring include:

  • Bartenders: Every event requires drinks, and it also helps make the event look more professional when you have trained professionals serving them. Consider hiring bartending services so that you know you don’t have to worry about drinks and also alcoholic beverages are being distributed responsibly. You can find reasonably priced packages at eventbartenders.com.
  • Caterers: Deciding to put food for your event together at the last minute without help can prove to be disastrous. Hiring catering services could save you time and stress, so consider that option instead. When hiring an event caterer, focus on your event needs, discuss logistics and read reviews before finalizing anything.

Stay Organized

With last-minute events, organization is a must. If not, you’ll find your stress level creeping up and you losing control. To keep organized during the planning phase, create a checklist and write everything down. It also helps when you stick to a routine and keep your life organized so that everything doesn’t begin overlapping. When you face challenges within the planning process, which you most likely will, remember to focus on the solution and not magnify the problem.

In a usual scenario, you need enough time to pull off a stellar event, but there are extraordinary circumstances where you can pull off magic. If you keep calm, stay organized and focus on the most critical aspects of your event, you should find that it turns out better than expected.

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