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It’s Not Old Fashioned To Be Old Fashioned In Business

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Business is moving a hundred miles a minute. Everything in this world moves so fast but also, goes back and forth in a tug of war. Some people find that new ways work better for them, but then run into problems that don’t solutions right now. Therefore they turn back around to doing things the ‘old fashioned’ way. Communication is one of these areas that small business owners need to think about. There are new ways of contacting your clients via portals, interfaces, emails, texting and through message apps. However what about the real world. Is this world not good enough to keep your doors open to? You need to have some kind of way where you can reach the outside world and it can reach you too. Connecting with people either in person or through objects and documents is something you should try to never ever devalue.

It’s a meet up too

Business conferences are a superb avenue to meet your customers, clients and consumers of all types. Here you can present to the world your business, products and or services along with your own philosophy of business. Business exhibitions and industry events are also the two other ways you will run into people that like what you do. It’s vital that you tell everyone that you are coming to these kinds of events. Don’t keep this to your relevant circles aforementioned, you need to make it clear on social media. Business leaders know the power they have if they have a following, even if they are only just getting started. So invite fans to meet with you at the event so they can take pictures with you, shake your hand and spread the word about who you are. It’s great for publicity but also shows your customers that you don’t treat them like just another number.

Flexible outreach and connection

Sometimes in the real world, something online is worth half the value as something in person. A smile, a handshake, eye contact and documentation, all of these things matter so much more in person than through a screen. Having a way to receive documentation that is signed via hand instead of electronic pens means you’re not alienating a client or customer base that is perhaps more comfortable with doing such things in the real world. Use something like a cheap po box alternative to receive your mail. They scan your documents and send them over to you. Confidentiality is of course a major priority and concern so don’t worry about that not being covered. Fortunately you also get a real world address, so it may seem like a business that also exists in the real world too. This is something vital if you’re an online business and want to perhaps look more professional despite your small size. It’s also going to be useful if you work from home as you again will be taken more seriously by clients.

What is old fashioned anyway? Meeting with fans instead of just talking on social media, shaking their hand and taking pictures? Being able to receive documents from clients and customers that do things with a ballpoint pen instead of a mouse? These things are always going to be timeless.


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