Jazz Up Your Love Life in 2019

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The New Year has begun, and you have a whole new set of resolutions, expectations, and wishes to fulfill this year. While we can manage most of these quite successfully, too, there’s one area where some struggle – love life! If you’re one such person, there’s no need to sweat it out or despair because there are some easy ways you can spruce up your love life in 2019.

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Stop relying on luck: The last thing you need to do is to rely on something as elusive and uncertain as serendipity! If you bank on bumping or meeting your soul mate by pure luck, you got another thing coming. You need to be proactive and get down to business. Fortune favors the brave and loves those that persevere to find a partner! Sitting at home and watching Netflix won’t help you find a partner. You got to get off the couch and get into action mode!

Switch your daily routine: Getting into a rut doing the same thing, meeting the same people, partying at the same bar or club won’t necessarily translate into finding a partner. Try switching your routine or at least the places you frequent. Go for a ball game, join yoga classes, visit an art gallery, etc. – something novel, which you haven’t done. Make sure these are public places where there are loads of new people to meet. You’ll be surprised as to the number of prospective partners you’ll meet at these places.

Ask your friends to help out: There’s no harm in asking close friends to help set you up with someone on a date. Spread the word around in your friends’ circles that you’re single and ready to mingle. You’ll be surprised at how many positive responses you’ll get. After all, networking is something that works in most areas of our life, so why should it not help in finding a date!

Establish eye contact: When you see someone you’re attracted to and want to meet and start a conversation, establish eye contact. Now, this has to be subtle, not an eyeballing competition! Just a fleeting glance in their direction, and when eye contact is established, look at them a second longer than what feels comfortable. Any extra eye contact suggests you’re interested in communicating. Once you meet and begin to chat, look into your partner’s eyes while talking for 8-10 seconds. That should set the ball rolling for exciting things to follow.

Get close: Hold on! That doesn’t mean a full-scale invasion of someone’s personal space! Move closer without making them feel uncomfortable as that will signal interest in them. Physical proximity does help to communicate better. It becomes easier to send out subtle signals through your body language, as well as helps to gauge the other person’s body language, too.

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