Model: Melanny Florez

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How did you get into modeling?

Since I was a little girl my friends and family told me that I should try modeling because they saw in me skills for it, so my parents enrolled me in different agencies since I was 10 and from there I fell in love with the profession.

You’re all over the Internet, because you’re absolutely gorgeous. Do you ever get fans stalking you, or acting creepy? What’s your strangest experience with a fan?

Yes, of course, each person is a world and they have different ways of showing love. (or hate) hahaha but I had a special case of a boy who wrote me poems of 10 lines and he wrote to me as if he had seen me the night before, talking about how nice it had been to look me in the eyes and caress me. Maybe he dream with me, too creepy…

Your body is toned. Do you workout? If so, what’s your favorite exercise?

Thank you. Yes, I exercise daily, I love to stay fit and feel strong. my favorite exercise is squats with weight and for cardio nothing like dancing.

Tell us something weird about you that not many people know…

I love biting things a lot and I like to sleep hugging a pillow.

What do you do in your spare time, for fun?

I like to dance even with YouTube tutorials, I like to read mysterious curious people of the universe, as aliens, and ancient civilizations, and I also like to study languages ​​with my celphone apps. Is so fun!!

Any hidden talents?

Since I was a child I liked to write songs, besides I’m good at cooking … I don’t do it often but when I do it I’m surprised hahaha

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