Packing for a Winter Vacation

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For those who live in cold weather climates, packing to go to another cold winter destination is as simple as tying your shoes. If you live in a city that is cold, you already know what you need to wear to keep warm and your wardrobe already consists of the key necessary items. However, for those of whom live in warm weather locations and have never been on a cold weather trip, packing can range from overwhelming to stressful.

As the bnb heaven site suggests, the goal is to make sure that you pack the proper clothing to stay warm, yet pack efficiently so that you are not overpacking. So, if you are a first-time winter traveler looking to pack light and stay warm, below are the basic tips for packing for a winter vacation.

The Basic Essentials

Of course, when one is packing for any trip you must include the basics such as undergarments and hygiene products. When you are packing for a cold weather trip there are additional basics that are necessary. The list of colder weather packing includes a base layer like a thermal top and pants, a wool hat, gloves, scarf, and warm lightweight wool socks. As less is more when packing, accessories are your time to play with color, prints, and bringing a few options. They are smaller and easier to pack. Lastly, do not forget to pack Chapstick, lotion, and sunblock. The cold air can be extremely drying and although it is cold the sun’s rays can still be harmful.

Layers on Layers

Now that your basics are taken care of, it is time to pack your clothing. Resist the urge to pack a bunch of bulky sweaters. The key to packing for cold weather is opting for layers, layers upon layers. First things first, pick a neutral color palette and pack your clothing based on that. This ensures that your clothing can be interchangeable. Three to four thin long-sleeved tops, two to three thin yet warm merino wool sweaters, a pair of leggings and jeans, and one nice blouse/skirt combination for a nice evening out.

Top it all off

Now that all accessories, clothing, and other basic essentials have been packed it is time to put the finishing touches on your wardrobe. The best thing to do is pack one pair of boots. Select a pair of boots that will provide warmth, comfort, that are fashionable enough to go with everything, and convenient so that when you are going through the airport they slip on and off. Last but definitely not least (and probably most importantly), it is time to decide on what to wear for outerwear. Pick your coat based on the coldest destination on your itinerary. So that you can have two outerwear options to select from, wear the bulky jacket on the plane. Make sure that the jacket is waterproof and that there is room to accommodate the layers underneath. For the second option, select a lighter weight coat that folds down and is dressy enough for a nice evening out.


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