The Magic of an Adjustable Bed Frame for Health and Sleep

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Have you ever had to spend a night in hospital, have a nurse tuck you in and hand you a remote control to your bed? The power to find the ultimate sleeping position, suddenly in your hands. Did the possibility of taking this power home with ever occur to you? Probably not.

Lack of sleep has become a worldwide problem and people struggle for a range of reasons to get their recommended dose of unconscious relaxation. We have plenty of lifestyle tips to help you restore balance to your sleep cycle, but let’s take a look at the ways that using an adjustable bed frame could be the tip to top them all.

Unrivalled Comfort

Where ever you look, checking that your mattress is meeting your comfort and support needs is the number one piece of advice on improving your sleep. But why stop at your mattress? If those special adjustable hospital beds can help the sick get some rest, why don’t we bring that technology into our homes to aid the growing percentage of our sleepless population?

Beds with an adjustable base can help us find the level of comfort necessary to help us drop off, as well as offering multiple positions for relaxation or reading. The best brands even come with fancy lighting and massaging technologies. Sure, all this may make it harder for you to ever want to leave your bed, but you could even use your remote to prop yourself up, making this step easier, too!

Alleviating Symptoms of Conditions

From back pain and pregnancy to heart conditions and acid reflux, the list of conditions that can be improved by using an adjustable bed base goes on. Choosing a position that raises the head can help with breathing issues such as snoring, sleep apnea and asthma and prevent irritating acid reflux, while experimenting with endless other options can help find the perfect curve for your back and positions for your joints to relieve back pain and arthritis symptoms.

Investing in a whole new bed system just because you’re pregnant, or just to try and tackle your partner’s snoring once and for all might seem like you’re going slightly overboard, however an investment like this is a solid call for the future. The probability of suffering any of the other conditions that a flexible base can help with goes up with age, and its never too soon to consider adding some luxury to your nights, especially if it may also help in the future.

One Size Fits All

The best thing about investing in such a versatile piece of sleeping equipment is that the same product is perfect for everyone because it is so customisable to your precise needs. So whether you want to improve your circulation, make it easier to get out of bed, or simply increase comfort and relaxation for the time being, an adjustable bed is the ultimate solution which covers all bases and keeps delivering on your quality of sleep.


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