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Top 5 Locations to Own a Land in Australia

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Investing in land is one of the most important decisions you can ever make. Land appreciates in value and it’s a durable investment. If you are, therefore, thinking about owning a piece of land in Australia, then you’ve considered the right place. Australia is massive, and you’ll never go wrong with investing here. It has the most beautiful scenic places, the weather is great, and the people are as friendly as they can get, not forgetting the amazing kangaroos while at it. Australia has this and more to offer in all matters land.

Let’s now look at the top 4 locations to own land in Australia.

1. Perth

This is the capital of Western Australia and has all your amenities close-by. Perth is a relaxed city, unlike many busy cities around the world. If you have ever been to other places such as Sydney and Bali, then you get the idea. This is also a part of the beachside, perfect for all your seaside activities. If you want to find some beachfront land to invest in yourself, this page (New Land Estate for Sale close to Perth CBD) has some good options to choose from. In addition to having plenty of activities you can engage in, most of Perth neighborhoods are surrounded with lots of amenities, attractions, shopping malls, restaurants, and much more. The transport network in Perth will never fail you.

2. The Sunshine Coast of Australia

The Sunshine Coast is another great location to consider when buying land in Australia. Do you want to ever wake up and feel the cool ocean breeze, bedazzled by the magnificent gorgeous beaches? If yes, then this coastal strip is your best choice. It has some of the world’s most famous sand dunes, terrific for surfing and is well known for the friendliest neighborhoods. This location once had a bad rap, the real estate was in bad shape, but it’s picking up the pace and is on the rebound.

3. The Northern Part of Melbourne

If you are in love with architectural beauty, then this is the best place for you to buy land in Australia. It’s home to the most beautiful Victorian homes. These homes give you an idea of what your future home may look like. It features fine detailed finished homes needless to say, very close to the beach. The antique homes are also very close to the city, meaning that you can still enjoy city life and still have your connection with the suburbs.

4. Gold Coast

Despite having hosted the 2018 commonwealth games, Gold Coast has many other features that put it out there on the world map. Gold cost is 57 kms of a stunning coastline that is bordered by the most beautiful hinterland. It features low priced properties and has a promising tourist returning rate than any other part of Australia. The Australian government promises that nearly 5,000 new facilities will be opened in this fine location. New hospitals will be built, better transport, other facilities, and water. This means that in the near future land will have appreciated in price in Gold Coast. This means that if you intend to own land in Gold Coast, the best time to buy is now!

5. Veradilla, Queensland

Are you looking for dirt cheap land just two hours from Australia’s big cities? Then this is the place for you. This is the ideal place if you don’t like a busy city life. It boasts of electrical connection, a creek, and two dams. The roads are weathered and are just a 90 minutes’ drive from Brisbane.

There you go, don’t waste the available opportunities. They say second chances only appear once in a lifetime. With a little research and the guidance of a professional real estate company, you can easily own land in Australia in the above locations.

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