Top 5 places to visit in 2019

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There are so many wonderful places to visit on this planet, narrowing it down is an extremely difficult task. It is important to do so, however, because most people won’t have the disposable income to visit absolutely everywhere. A list of the best places helps people to make sure they can see much of what the world has to offer. Here are our top places that you should definitely think about visiting in 2019.

1. Fukuoka, Japan

Fukuoka is one of the best cities that Japan has to offer and let’s face it Japan has some amazing cities. It is surrounded on all sides by mountains, so is incredibly beautiful and it also has some stunning beaches. There are also some very high-end stores including Gucci, Louis Vitton and Prada if you fancy a bit of retail therapy. Why not travel to Fukoaka in May to take in the sights of the Hakata Dontaku festival, the largest celebration in Japan that brings three to four million Japanese people into the city every year.

2. Hawaii Island, United States

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on earth, with beaches that are just breath taking and flora and fauna bound to impress even the most ardent city dweller. The people and the culture are just amazing and visitors to the island love to spend time listening to them playing music or taking in the spirit of aloha. Hawaii is certainly a destination not to be missed. To make the most of your visit make sure you read our blog post detailing 7 must-have items that a traveller needs.

3. Saint Lucia, Caribbean

Saint Lucia really does have it all, breath taking mountain views, fine white sandy beaches and lush green jungle. Plus, the people are amazing and extremely chilled out and just want to ensure that you have a great time on the island. The coastline is actually so beautiful that it is one of the most photographed in the entire world. Why not take a St Lucia yacht charter to enjoy the view of the coastline at its best?

4. Grand Canyon, United States

Who doesn’t want to visit the Grand Canyon at some point in their life? As one of the seven natural wonders of the world, we are so used to seeing images of it and wishing we could be there to marvel at the very wonder. It really does need to be seen in person to even be able to begin to comprehend the vastness of the geophysical phenomenon. Plus, there is amazing wildlife such as coyote or deer. Find out more about what you could spot online.

5. Kerala, India

Kerala is a city with a rich culture and breath taking views. It has a beautiful climate, gorgeous beaches, peaceful backwaters and divine hill stations all for tourists to enjoy. The backwaters consist of interconnected lakes, waterways and channels that work together to create a peaceful haven that tourists can float along on a rented houseboat. Then there’s the cuisine, think of all the spices that India has to offer and you will find them within the divine dishes that the locals cook up. It is just the perfect location for a relaxing break.


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