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Top 5 Tips You Can Learn From Street Stylers

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From London to Milan, and from Paris to New York, fashion weeks the world over have been slowly getting less and less about the looks in the front, and more about whose slaying in the streets. Yep, street stylers are now the true stars of the show – and with social media feeds and magazine layouts dedicated to their uber-chic looks, and catwalk designers opening acknowledging their influence on the development of collections and new season trends, it’s little wonder they are fast becoming the true icons. Most of us mere mortals could only dream of looking so good, right? Actually, wrong. Some people may be born with the art of dressing well, but looking chic and having a well edited closet are skills that anyone can learn. Master the basics, and you could soon have a sense of style so good, people are clamoring to feature you on their Twitter feeds.

Get In Control Of Your Closet

Do the best street stylers dress head to toe in designer and have endless rails and racks of the latest fashions at home? No, they don’t. Their power lies in being able to organize, edit and curate what they do have, so that those key pieces pop and coming up with the unexpected combinations which are catnip to fashion photographers is much easier. How can you create outstanding outfits if you don’t even know what you own? Start by having a huge closet de-clutter. Donate or sell anything you don’t fit into – great closets work for now, not some distant time in the future. Organize the items you’re keeping into categories, hang them on slimline non-slip hangers so nothing ends up tangled on the floor and use the KonMari method to organize folded clothes so that you can see and use everything you have. Using an app like ClosetSpace can help you to catalogue your clothes and save favorite combinations, so you can still pull out a killer outfit even if you’re in a hurry.

Get A Tailor Connection

The hottest hook up in town during Fashion Week? The number of a great tailor. It’s true that if you can find the right needleworker, even your bargain basement buys can look incredible. Alterations are a very small cost to pay for items which fit you like a glove and make your figure look sensational. Budget a little extra for getting those jeans hemmed, or that dress nipped in at the waist, and you’ll automatically look more expensive. It’s the fashion insiders best kept secret and the reason why all those amazing outfits feature pieces from Top shop or H&M looking like couture. You can even use custom edits to make a piece look classier and more unusual – a common trick is switching up cheap buttons for more expensive ones. If you like the material, anything is possible.

Strike The Right Balance

The best looks are about contrast and balance, and learning the art of proportions will really transform your look. Pair a loose, flowing item with something equally spacious, and the result can look messy and unfocused when you were aiming for relaxed. Pair that same item with something more fitted, and the look suddenly comes together. Learn a few solid combinations that always work, such as wide legged pants with a cropped tee or an oversized man’s shirt with skinny leather jeans. As you get more confident, you can play around but always remember you’re aiming to balance out something looser with a more fitted item – check out these fall outfits for more inspiration on layering and pairing items.

Know Your Body Type

When it comes to great fashion looks, unfortunately it isn’t one size fits all. What looks great on you is largely determined by your frame. If you don’t know, find out what body type you have and adapt your style decisions to fit around that. Finding a silhouette that fits and flatters and that you look and feel great in is what’s really going to make you look amazing. Once you have a basic shape that suits, replicate that in different finishes and combinations of clothes.

Try A Pattern Clash

The next-level hallmark of advanced style? Doing a pattern clash! This is a great way to project confidence and add extra flair into your outfit choices. Think of patterns as the seasoning in your wardrobe recipe – without any, the dish is bland, but overdo it and you’ve ruined it. However, clever combinations result in something absolutely delicious! The key is to keep your two patterns within the same color palette and use proportion to spice things up – think a ditzy floral print with wide stripes, or a Breton tee with leopard loafers. Now that’s a look that will really get the thumbs up!


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