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The role of vaping has significantly changed since the day when these devices first appeared on the market. Modern society sees vaping as a usual process. Some people emphasize the advantages, others claim its harmful effects.

The evident thing is that vaping is turning from a habit into the subculture. New vaping shops are appearing here and there. Now there exist not only places for smokers and non-smokers in cafes, but also for those, who use hookah or e cigarette brands (more info here). Students organize vape parties, where guests try different flavors (and sometimes weed). Governments create new laws to regulate the behavior of vaping people in public. However, overall we may consider vaping to be a part of modern world culture.


Herbert A. Gilbert invented the first prototype of an electronic cigarette in 1963. His intention was to present the device, which would replace harmful nicotine containing and expensive cigarettes. With the invention of electricity, many everyday things passed away and plenty of new electronic devices replaced them. A cigarette avoided this fate because of several reasons. First is that people like sticking to some rituals. Smoking a cigarette after a difficult working day or after breakfast, while reading a newspaper, remains a routine for many people even now. Second is that some people like the taste and smell of burnt tobacco leaves. Nicotine in liquid does not satisfy their gourmet taste. The wave of public’s attention to vaping devices sparkled in the 1960s and 70s also because these were years of increased liberty in views and sexual revolution (which also characterized by consuming weed and other substances).

The modern interest to vape devices started in 2004, when the Chinese company “the Golden Dragon Holdings” first introduced an electronic cigarette to the market. The product was a success in Asia first and then it started spreading within the world. In 2007, e-cig stepped into the Amercan market. During the period 2009-2015, the sales boosted by 115%.


Today, in 2019, vaping is more about culture and social face than about “healthier” lifestyle. The way people feel about vaping nowadays differs according to age, sex, country of origin and some other factors. Let’s scrutinize how different people’s attitude towards vaping is depending on their background and social status.

  • Children usually see vaping as a prohibited activity, which adult can do. Depending on the way parents bring them up, they may see the use of e-cigarette as harmful for health and the characteristic activity for “bad guys”. Other children may see it as a sign of adolescence and success. Boys usually dream of smoking or vaping when get older to reach a certain level of popularity, which they see among high school students. Girls have recently known vaping as a danger. They were said, “Girls do not vape”. However, nowadays, in the age of total equality, girls are likely to question the classification into activities proper either for girls or for boys. Thanks to some advertising campaigns, they also may see vaping as a characteristic of a seductive young lady and as a mean of gaining popularity among the opposite sex.
  • If we talk about teens (especially popular nowadays is to make research on the reasons for college students to smoke), they have more freedom to choose, because parents control them less and the influence of social surrounding increases. Here we may face the situation, when a teen falls into bad associations and start consuming illicit substances, vaping, etc. Having access to the Internet and not being able to sort information properly, they spend money on best e-cig and believe that would raise their credibility. The reasons for such behavior usually are early childhood trauma, lack of parents’ attention or desire for attention from teachers and counterparts. In addition, teens and schoolchildren may use vaping devices because of the influence of ads and natural curiosity about such flavors for an e-cigarette as a unicorn, bubble gum, chocolate, etc.
  • The reasons for adult people to vape are more diverse. The first is that they were vaping and/or smoking since they were teens and continue what has become a routine for them. Some of them simply enjoy every minute of inhaling vapor; others cannot get rid of this bad practice. Anyway, in this, the use of electronic cigarette derives from past habit. The other reason is stress and lack of rest. People, who overwork, often vape, because vape pens help them to distress and feel relaxed (at least they think so). The third possible reason is depression and an overabundance of spare time. People, who have some problems with the job or simply are lazybones, may try different e-cigs to find their best e-cig just for fun. The other reasons, which may become common for these categories, are the wider access to places, where vaping is not banned; different flavors available and smoker does not smell badly after it; the possibility of vaping non-nicotine liquids.

If we talk about the attitude of adult people to vaping as an entertaining activity, the main opinions are:

  • indifferent. They may use e-cig, but do not care what others say.
  • People are indifferent, though they do no vape themselves. They do not get into bothered about the negative effects of second-hand smoking. They do not concern about environmental protection as well.
  • People vape, but thoughts and judgments of the other are not in the circle of their interest.
  • People use e-cigs, but feel ashamed, when someone starts criticizing modern tendencies to vape.
  • People truly believe that vaping can help them quit smoking and this is a healthy way to relax with friends.
  • People, who hate vaping and everything connected with electronic cigarettes. They harshly criticize both vaping people and vaping devices.

The important point is that people from different categories of attitude may behave the same way. This depends on their upbringing and system of values. Some people, who get irritated by the use of e-cigs do not display their attitude at all. They are taught to respect the choice of other people and do not want to impose their own ideas upon people around them. Their main value is freedom of choice and mind.

The other type of behavior is when people propagandize their point of view to every person they meet. They may offer to either draw down with an e-cig even a small child or shout at a seller in a vape shop saying that he helps devil.

Summarizing everything said above, we can conclude that vaping is seen from different angles in today’s society. So many men, so many minds.

About the author: Christina Matthews, the journalist who studies the latest news in the health industry. Now she studies the effects of smoking and vaping on health and reasons of such its popularity.

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