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3 Essential Actions For First Time Home Renovators

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Entering the world of home renovations is not as simple as it can sometimes appear on the kind of home makeover shows which skip over the complications in favor of the glossy reveal at the end. Whether it’s accommodating an expanding family, putting your stamp on a dated property or simply adding value or developing a house to sell on, there’s pretty much always an added layer of complexity when it comes to designing your perfect home. The thought of carrying out an extensive property renovation is quite exciting, but the reality can be extremely stressful and protracted. You can ease the pain if you do your research and take a meticulously planned out approach to the work that you want to undertake.

It’s Wish List Time – But Be Realistic

There’s nothing wrong with gathering some serious home inspo – in fact, going down the rabbit hole with Pinterest home renovation boards is a great place to begin to get a feel for what is possible and expand your horizons, especially as a first timer. But you also need to learn how to stay focused and understand the limitations of your space and budget, and how they will affect what options you can go for. Don’t allow yourself to fall in love with something that isn’t achievable for your project. Start off with the practical basics of the build, understand what makes financial sense for the property, and go from there. You don’t want to over develop a place and never be able to recoup the investment as you have taken the building over it’s ceiling value. Starting with a basic sound plan means that you can layer in the little extras later in.

Know Your Budget – And Have A Fallback

One thing that is nearly always true of all home renovation projects is that they usually end up costing more than you anticipated. Work out what you can afford to spend and create a margin of 20 per cent as a contingency budget to account for any unexpected findings, complications or optional upgrades during the project. Watch the pennies when it comes to the details, as this is where costs can quickly mount. For example, when installing the same size kitchen costs can near double depending on what work surfaces, taps and fixtures and appliances you choose. Be clear on areas where you may be prepared to compromise versus those where you think it’s worth an extra spend. Simple things like moving the location of an electrical outlet can end up costing you additional money, so be meticulous in planning out how you will use the space.

Pick The Right Contractors

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in any home renovation project is not choosing the right contractors to deliver on your vision. This can be a minefield if you’ve never worked with the trades before. Carefully check into the background and history of whoever you deal with and ask to speak to previous customers. Make sure that any companies or individuals you deal with are fully qualified and insured and have the relevant previous experience to do a great job and pick up swiftly on any problems as the build progresses. It’s always a false economy to simply pick the lowest estimate that comes in. Take the time to search out a specialist, like United Commercial Roofing if you have a complicated roof section to build, or an electrician who specializes in home automation if you’re planning a smart house. You can only get amazing results through collaboration with the right contractors, so choose them wisely.

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