3 Fishing Tech Predictions For 2019

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If you are an avid fisherman, you are probably always on the hunt for new gear and the latest up to date technology that will help you improve your results. Indeed, there is a whole lot of fishing gear out there already, but this does not mean that innovations and advancements cannot be made. There is always room for improvement, and this can definitely be seen when it comes to fishing gear.

There are a few pieces of up and coming fish tech, and a couple of new innovations that are definitely worth keeping an eye out for. Here are 3 fishing tech predictions for 2019, ones that will change the fishing game forever.

  1. Mobile Fish Finders Are Going To Blow Up

One of the big fishing tech predictions for 2019 is that fish finders are going to become much more advanced, and this is going to happen very quickly. Of course, fish finders and related GPS units are very useful when it comes to locating the fish which you want to angle for. They allow you to see far and wide when it comes to possible targets for your fishing rod. They are slowly advancing, as they can see further out and deeper down.

However, up until now, most fish finders out there have been more or less stationary. There are those which are attached directly to a boat, and therefore stay wherever the boat is, and there are castable floating fish finders as well. However, the revolution is upon us and it comes in the form of moving or mobile fish finders.

Yes, these have already been around for a couple of years, but these are becoming much more popular as the days go on. Mobile fish finders are more or less just fish finders which are connected to a remote-controlled boat. In other words, here you get a boat that you can actually drive around in the water, up to several hundred feet from your current location.

These come complete with fish finding sonar, so you can actively drive the little sonar boat across the surface of the water and find fish to angle for even if you don’t feel like moving. Up until now, these mobile fish finders have been a little iffy. They have suffered from issues related to buoyancy, the distance which they can go from the remote, and the quality of the sonar on board.

2019 is set to be a big year for the mobile fish finder as the technology to keep them afloat, and to insert smaller fish finder units with greater range, continues to advance quite rapidly.

  1. Electronic Baits and Lures

Another bold prediction for 2019 when it comes to new up and coming fishing tech has to do with electronic baits and lures. Generally speaking, for the most part, fishing lures and baits have been quite simple and straightforward. Yes, people absolutely love using live bait for fishing, as it helps to attract fish quite well. Using real frogs, fish, and insects is definitely a great way to go, because most fish can never tell that those baits are connected up to a line and hook.

On the other hand, you also have your artificial lures, ones that look like a variety of fish, grubs, birds, bats, rats, and so much more. Yes, these also do quite fine when it comes to attracting fish, but they do tend to have problems when it comes to movement. Sure, some of them come with separate partitions which then causes somewhat realistic movement. However, they are not fool-proof, and fish can often spot the difference.

This is where our bold prediction for 2019 comes into play. The prediction is that in 2019, electronic baits are going to become much more popular than they have ever been. If you did not know, an electronic bait is like an artificial bait, so like a minnow, bat, or other type of live-looking bait, but they come complete with batteries and electronic motion. These things are rapidly advancing in several ways including realistic motions, their look, and how long the batteries in these last for.

As electronic baits, such as the eMinnow, become more advanced in functionality, versatility, and durability, fisherman of all sorts are going to turn to them. They work better than normal artificial lures, and they help eliminate the need for constantly having to hook up live bait. It’s definitely a big revolution in the world of fishing, one that is set to catch on any day now.

  1. Eco-Friendly Fishing Gear

As we all know, our world is currently on the brink of total environmental collapse. Rainforests are being cut down, greenhouse gas emissions are at an all-time high, and severe climate change is well underway. Of course, this is not good for the average fisherman, as fish populations are dying off nearly everywhere across this planet.

This is why our prediction for 2019 is that fisherman are going to slowly turn to more eco-friendly practices and technology. Now, we do not have a specific piece of tech in mind here, but one example could be the advancement of wooden and eco-friendly lures.

There are also some new kinds of fishing line in the works, ones that are relatively untested, but are still being researched, such as hemp-based fishing lines. There are also lures being made of materials other than petroleum-based rubber and plastic. At any rate, the prediction for 2019 is that fishing technology and gear as a whole is going to start focusing much more on environmental aspects.

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Whether it is a GPS and Sonar fish finder that finds its home on a mobile boat, electronic lures and baits, or a plethora of eco-friendly fishing gear, there are many new pieces of fishing tech that are predicted to become quite popular in 2019. These items are pieces of tech are worth keeping an eye on, as they have real power to change the way which you fish forever.

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