5 Irish Foods You Must Try While In Ireland

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Ireland is not only a scenic country with an amazing landscape and wonderful people, it also has the best food you can find in the world. From stews and soups in the winter to the fish in the summer and the lamb during springtime, there are lots of foods to taste and try while touring in Ireland.


Here are 5 Irish foods you must try in Ireland:


  1.    Boxty

If you are familiar with potato bread, potato dumpling, or potato pancakes, then you pretty much have a perfect idea of what boxty looks like. The name boxty is derived from the Irish phrase “ara’ n bocht ti’” which when translated means ‘poor house bread.


The ingredients used to make boxty are mashed potato, grated raw potato, flour, butter, and salt. The grated and mashed potatoes are mixed with the flour and salt to form round dumplings which are boiled and then fried in butter. They can also be sliced into slim pieces and baked in an oven.


The final taste of the boxty dumplings is buttery and creamy. You’ve got to try it out yourself during your visit to Ireland.


  1.    The Ulster Fry

If you happen to travel to Ulster, you’ll definitely interact with this delicacy. It’s mostly taken as a breakfast meal and is served with slices of potato bread or soda. Ulster fry contains bacon, soda farl, fried sausages, eggs, and fried onions and mushrooms as toppings.


Breakfast isn’t complete in Ireland if Ulster fry is not served and you definitely have to munch on this delicacy to kick start your day regardless of which part of Ireland you travel to.


  1.    Soda Bread

Soda bread is a treasured meal in Ireland. The recipe used to make it varies, with some having the bread topped with dried fruits and others incorporating sugar and honey for that extra sweet taste. Others opt to add bran, seeds, or oats.

The main ingredients that are a must have are bicarbonate soda and buttermilk. Soda bread is unique in its own self and can only be found in Ireland. It’s a meal you definitely have to try out when you travel there.


  1.    Shellfish

If you happen to travel to Ireland during the summer season, you’ll be super lucky to get to try out the fresh native oysters that are sourced from the West Coast. The famous Galway Oyster festival held in September is the opportune moment for you to try out this cuisine.


Shellfish is in high supply during this season and is eaten with other Irish foods such as prawns from the Dublin Bay, clams from Connemara, and cackles and mussels from Molly Malone. You can’t afford not to eat Irish shellfish.


  1.    The Irish Stew

The Irish stew has been crowned as the most famous dish in Ireland. The main ingredients used to prepare it are potatoes, onions, and meat. Additional ingredients that are used include carrots, knob of roux, and pearly barley.


This stew is cooked in low fire and has a sweet tender taste that is irresistible. You can eat lamb stew with herbs and spices. The flavor is just marvelous.

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