6 Negative Things People Say About Interracial Dating

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Love is blind. Love doesn’t choose color, language, race, religion, or sexuality. As human beings, we most often don’t have the control of who we fall in love with. We can deduce why we fell for the person we love, but controlling who to fall far has been proven to be quite difficult. That’s why the love experts will tell you love is indeed blind.

Society, however, has a say on most of the events that happen in our lives. Society decides what clothes we should wear, how we should eat, what jobs we should do. The trick, however, is not to let society tell you how you should live. They say the saddest people on earth are the ones who try to please everyone. Why not choose happiness and please yourself? Give yourself the joy you deserve. Love whoever you want to love, whether black or white.

Interracial dating, for instance, has faced tremendous criticisms all over the world. Society is still struggling with the fact that a white man can actually fall in love with a black woman and vice versa. Indian ladies marrying non-Indian men also face the same bashing.  

As human beings, we tend to worry about what people will say or what picture we’ll portray to society. We tend to overthink on situations, and this can hinder us from achieving immense happiness. Imagine if Prince Harry worried about what the whole world would say if he had married a black woman. He would have missed out on the chance of dating his soulmate. Sometimes, the most important decisions we make in life are the ones that weren’t influenced by outside opinions.

Below are six negative things people say about interracial dating:


  • It’s quite hard to meet and bond with people from a different race.


The Internet has made this quite easy because there are many interracial dating sites that you can log into and meet your perfect match. Your dream partner is only a button away. You can get to chat with girls from different races and fall happily in love.


  • The relationship won’t last long.


Maintaining a relationship requires effort from both parties. You have to actually work on the relationship for it to work. Most people give up too early or give in to societal pressure. This belief is a fallacy.


  • The family might not appreciate the relationship.


This most often depends on the family itself, and it’s on the couple to actually convince their families that their love is worth it.


  • The couple will disagree on almost everything due to the difference in cultures.


This isn’t entirely true. People fall in love because they have things in common. Disagreements are usually in every relationship. What matters is how the couples act on such differences.


  • One of the couple is a gold digger.


Most people assume that in interracial dating, most people aren’t driven by love, but rather by their love for money.


  • The children will face criticisms in the future.


This is a stereotypical lie because the kind of environment you subject the child onto will determine whether they will be criticized or not. Some of the prettiest children are born out of interracial relationships.

There are many things to smile about in an interracial relationship. You, however, need to be confident enough and not allow the society to dictate who you should date.


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