A Leader Like You Should Always Look For Pearls In The Office

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As a business manager, it’s all too easy to think that you have to run your ship alone. This is your baby, after all, and you’re the one who got it to sea in the first place. The trouble is that, if you keep on with this attitude, you could find yourself unable to keep a grip on a ship which keeps growing.

This is why any decent leader takes time to recognize and harness their best staff members. It can, of course, be difficult to let go of control in this way. But, if you want to grow to the size of your competitors, you need to accept that no business owner is an island. As can be seen from this article from Norwich University, the ability to take suggestions from staff and harness their skills is part of what takes someone from management to leadership. And, you want to be a leader, don’t you?

The trouble is that, so far, you’ve let your pride blind you to this problem. You’ve tried to cope with everything alone and never ask for help. That’s why, now, you have no idea how to spot those special team members who could take you furthest. It’s a good job, then, that we have a few essential pointers to help you recognize who deserves promotion and a little more say in the way things run around here.

Consistent quality of work

It’s easy to assume that one quality project is enough to elevate a member of your staff. It can boost your whole enterprise when someone pulls it out of the bag. But, one good project does not a pearl make. If you go off the back of something like this, you may soon find that person struggling. Instead, look out for those who produce consistently good work. They may not blow you away with one project which takes them out the water, but that’s not the point. As a leader, you’re looking for a pearl which you can work with and nurture. And, the best chance you have at that is a team member whose work you can rely on.

Never afraid to speak out

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Accepting other people’s suggestions about businesses is any manager’s worst nightmare. But, it’s something which an accomplished leader should always encourage. You may think you know what’s best for your enterprise, but you’re just one person. Allowing outside opinions into any work matter can help you see it with fresh eyes. And, that outside perspective alone could be the thing which gets you through. As such, you don’t want a second in command who sits back and agrees with everything you say, desirable as that may seem. You want to promote those members of your team who bring ideas to the table and aren’t afraid to air them.

Customers can’t get enough

Given that happy customers are an essential part of any business, you should also take note of what goes down best with them. If members of your team always seem to impress clients best, you can bet it’d pay off to nurture them. This is yet another reason why it’s worth sending out feedback surveys to clients who have come and gone. Most of the time, we associate these with testing the quality of our services, and they certainly do that. But, if you add a few staff-specific questions, you may also find that the same name keeps cropping up. What better way to identify the pearls in your midst?

Always the last to leave

If you’re still struggling to find your best employees after all the above, the matter can come down to one simple thing. Ask yourself, who is always last to leave when it comes down to it? When seeking someone for a higher position, you don’t want a team member who rushes out the door at five. You’d be much better off looking at the person who sticks around until gone six to make sure their work is as good as possible. This is sure proof that someone is willing to go the extra mile for what you do. And, when it comes down to it, isn’t that precisely what you want from someone who you’re about to trust with your dreams?

When you look at this issue, noticing those pearls isn’t as hard as you might think. So, stop putting it off and take some of that pressure off your shoulders. Your company and your team will thank you for it.

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