Accessorizing: A Guy’s Guide

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When men dress well, it looks almost effortless. A good fit, classic choices, and some flair can come together to make a man look his natural best — as if everything he’s wearing just happened to be at the top of his drawer.

That’s an illusion, of course, but causes us to miss how carefully a great look is usually put together. Too many men miss the memo, thinking style is some kind of natural gift. It’s not. You must work at it to get the details right. You need to pay attention to the little things, including accessories and which ones truly complete the most respectable looks.

Money moves

There are a lot of dimensions to male fashion but classic looks tend to focus on accessories that serve a purpose. Necklaces and bracelets are all well and good, but the classic accessories do work. They tell you the time, hold up your pants (or at least appear to), and even hold your money.

The accessory that keeps your cash in order is more important than you might think. It’s not out all of the time, but when it is, it matters in situations like grabbing the check in front of a date or offering someone a business card.

Whatever the case, you need to have a great accessory on hand. Hip designs like these dope wallets, slim metal money clips, or a classic vintage leather billfold are all great choices.

Timing is everything

Few accessories matter as much as your watch. Telling the time is the least important thing they do, however. Men’s watches are statements and you should be wearing a great one almost every time you leave the house.

They can be pricey, but are important calling cards of style. You can wear the same watch day after day, unlike other accessories. So go ahead and invest in a nice new chronograph or enjoy that gorgeous hand-me-down from grandpa.

Either way, you can update the a new brand name look or an older model with a fresh band from places like NATO straps. This’ll keep your look popping without having to spend too much dough.

Throwing shade

Nothing says classic cool like the right pair of sunglasses. The well-accessorized man should have at least one great pair for sunny days,and perhaps a few others for other occasions and specific situations (you don’t want to lose those pricey Ray-Bans while you’re wakeboarding, do you?).

Don’t just rush out and buy the coolest shades you find, though. What looks cool on some people won’t look cool on others. You need to consider the shape of your face and the shape of the frames. Use online tools to match your face shape to your best sunglasses options, and pick your favorites.

Crown jewels

When we talk about accessories for women, jewelry comes up quickly but it’s not as obvious of a concern for men. It should be, however, and it’s a world that goes way beyond watches.

Choosing the right items is key, though. If you’re going for a more traditionally masculine look, think about getting some chunkier bracelets and necklaces. Leather cuff bracelets, heavy chains, and matte finishes can make your look more macho.

Don’t forget the rest of your look, though.It can have a big impact on which jewelry options are open to you. Think a necklace is a little too delicate for you? Maybe it won’t look that way when you pair it with a heavy flannel shirt and a grizzly beard.

Be careful with quantity here, though. Don’t go full Steven Tyler; subtlety is key. At the end of the day, your look is up to you, so don’t be afraid to get into those accessories! If you want your look to appear effortless, you’ll need to put some work in.

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