Aging With Grace and Beauty

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People of any age want to look better, but as we age, natural changes do take place. Fortunately, there are quite a few things we can do to keep looking great. There are non-surgical procedures that can go a long way toward improving our appearance.


If you have a specific concern that you want to address, there are fillers for lips and anti-wrinkle injections that can be helpful. Be sure to learn all you can before having anything invasive done to your body. You can learn more at this website – Lisa Ruh does Lip Fillers in Sydney.


There are many different treatment options available to make us look younger. Facials, fillers, and injections can help in the process. Some of these treatments are relaxing and spa-like. Some are more painful and considered more of a medical procedure. You can get a relaxing facial that can help tighten skin and unclog or diminish pores.


You can also rejuvenate your face with a non-surgical medical procedure such as an ultrasonic facelift. This will help the skin have a tighter, younger-looking appearance. The mechanism for this facial is a high-intensity focused ultrasound HIFU.


This device produces sound waves that help stimulate the production of collagen and new skin. This technology is also being used in other applications, such as diagnosing disease and treating kidney stones. The way this treatment works is that the ultrasound waves penetrate the layers of the skin.


The tissue is heated, which creates micro energy that stimulates collagen production. Three layers of the skin are heated. These include the superficial muscular layer, the deep dermis, and the papillary dermis. The damage that this heating causes makes the skin tighten as it heals.


The ultrasound treatment actually bypasses the superficial layer of the skin and affects the deeper layers of the skin. This is different from other lasers and radiofrequency facials. The ultrasound can pinpoint the different layers of the skin, and focus the delivery mechanism at the correct location and on the correct tissue.


Being able to focus on the treatment eliminates damage to other tissues and lessens recovery time. This isn’t a lunchtime treatment, even though it only takes between 60 and 90 minutes. There will still be some downtime afterward as the face heals from the procedure.


The sound waves are great for boosting circulation and stimulating collagen. We all know that collagen helps with elasticity and firmness. This treatment is also great for stimulating blood flow, tightening the skin, and diminishing wrinkles. It’s also helpful with fading age spots, reducing redness, and helps make scars less noticeable.


You can still feel discomfort during the process, but your new smooth skin might make it worthwhile. Fortunately, there are treatments, such as oral medications or numbing creams, that can help with the discomfort during the procedure.


Before you do any procedure, it’s always a good idea to find out as much as you can about the procedure. You want to know if there are any adverse side effects, how long it will take you to heal, how painful it is, and how experienced the practitioner you’re considering is.


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