All The Tips New Instagram Influencers Need To Know

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If you have started to gain a significant number of Instagram followers recently, you might have been thinking about becoming an influencer. It can be hard work, but once you get the hang of building your Instagram following, becoming a social media influencer can be relatively straight forward. Before too long, brands will be contacting you about partnerships and sponsored posts, and you could start to earn a second income from your Insta work. You never know, it could take off so much that you are able to make a full-time career from it.

To help you take your influencer career even further, here are some great tips that all newbies need to know.

Engage With Your Audience

You need to make sure that everything you post on your profile, whether it is a new photo or a story, engages your audience in some way. One of the best ways to increase engagement is to mix up the different type of stories you post – you might want to post videos, photos, and Boomerangs for instant. That will keep your audience entertained. It’s also worth asking some questions in your photo captions as well, as this will encourage people to comment under your post, which should widen you up to a wider audience.

Be Consistent When Posting

There’s no better way to build your Instagram following than by regularly posting new content that catches people’s eye. When you do post, though, make sure you are consistent. That means posting on a regular basis. Try to post at a regular time so your followers know when to expect new content. If you ever go AWOL for a week or longer, you might find that this can actually lose you some followers.


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Start Running It Like A Business

Once you start earning money through your Instagram account, it is really important that you start taking it seriously. One way to do that is to run it like a business. If you are getting a lot of brand work, you will be sending out regular invoices, so it’s worth finding an accounts payable automation software that can help you stay organized. Make sure you follow up on any unpaid invoices as soon as they become overdue. It is also advisable to find an accountant who can take care of all your taxes for you.

Find Your Niche And Run With It

All of the best Instagrammers have their very own niche. This niche will be the topic that they often post about. Whether you want to create a food account or post about body positivity, it is necessary to commit to your niche and run with it. This is another way to add some consistency to your profile. If you ever go off-topic, even just for one photo, you might find that it loses you some followers.

These are just a handful of tips that all new Instagram influencers can use to their advantage. Do you have any others to add to the mix?

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