Before The Van: Creating A Pre-Move Checklist

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Knowing that you are moving is an exciting prospect but can also be a stressful one. It’s one thing to have a date on the calendar for the big move but trying to keep in mind everything that needs to be done before then is quite another. In Australia, make sure to contact reliable removalists in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne or any other major destination early to streamline the process. It is also recommended that you have a working checklist which you can add to and complete in the months and weeks beforehand.

To make sure that nothing is missed, it’s critical that you create a moving checklist that covers the essential tasks you need to complete before you move out. Some may seem obvious, while others are often overlooked and result in the process of moving home quickly becoming stressful and frustrating. Including each of these items on your pre-move checklist can help to streamline an otherwise tedious process.

Let’s take a look at what you need to do in order to create the perfect pre-moving checklist to make your move as seamless as possible.

Check In With Potential Removalists

Contacting local removalists in your area should be one of the top items on any moving checklist. Make sure to call around and get at least three different estimated quotes for your moving costs. Be ready with a list of potential questions to ask if anything remains unclear about the process. However, discussing your individual relocation situation with movers will also provide you with some insight into what needs to be done before the big day. Take this into consideration when planning your time and when prioritising items on your checklist.

Establish A Realistic Budget

Unfortunately, relocation is often an expensive process. While your employer may be willing to cover a portion of these costs if you are moving for work, it is always necessary to have a rough idea of just how much you need or are able to spend on moving. Knowing your budget will help you to narrow down what you can do to cut costs to items on your checklist where possible. Be aware and keep a list of any moving expenses that may be tax-deductible to save some money down the road.

Conduct Research On Your New Location

Being aware of local amenities, schools, and community attractions will assist you in planning what to take with you and with what tasks might need to be done before you arrive. It is also good to let your current landlord know of your plans and to talk to the schools where your children are currently enrolled. Make sure to transfer or cancel your memberships in any local clubs or gyms. Have a storage unit ready in your new area if you think that you might have more physical stuff than you can immediately handle when you arrive.

Start Downsizing

Before starting any major packing projects, make sure to downsize naturally by going through your possessions and seeing what is unnecessary for the move. Donate used clothing or larger belongings that you no longer need or even host a garage sale to make some money to help finance the move. Also, it is important to begin using up refrigerated food and bulk pantry items so that they will not need to be moved. Depending on the arrangement with the new occupants of your home, you also need to decide on whether or not to take your major appliances with you.

Packing And Moving

When the above points are crossed off of your list, it is time to begin packing in earnest. Take care to maximise the use of space and make sure that the plan for the big day is organised and streamlined. With a well-thought-out pre-move checklist in place, you can begin the moving process in confidence, knowing that you are properly prepared.

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