Common Mistakes Most Property Owners Commit

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Renting property is the best way to earn an extra monthly income for any property owner. The money obtained from the rents may be for property maintenance, business or personal related issues. Although it may be difficult to manage the property if you are a first-time property owner, there are inevitable mistakes that you must avoid. Collection of rent from the tenants, maintaining the property, and running a background check are some of the responsibilities of any property owner or manager. But some property owners experience late monthly rental payment and other issues resulting from poor management strategies and mistakes along the way. In the article below, we describe some of the common mistakes most property owners commit and a suggested solution that may protect the property from future conflicts.

1. Inadequate background checks

Running a background check on the tenants is one of the most crucial factors that a property owner should consider. The procedure of selecting a tenant should be through a background verification, and many property owners do not use it. Some property owners choose tenants depending on the friend’s reference or their appearance, but the real procedure should be through the rental application form which requires both their personal and professional details.


2. Improper documentation

Investing in renting is not a verbal business which is why documentation is essential. Most property owners do not follow the right documentation process, but they decide to do it after the tenant has moved into their property which may become difficult to negotiate the rent amount or vacated. Such instances are avoidable, but following the legal documentation process which should be signed by both parties. In case of anything in the future, the document will protect you as the property owner as it is signed and dated appropriately.


3. Undervaluing repair and maintenance costs

Most property owners ignore the fact that maintenance and repair are necessary for their property. In most cases when you update and repair your property, you get to attract and retain more tenants. A property owner not only calculates the total expenditure for repair and maintenance before fixing the rent amount but also considers a lot of factors before settling on the rent charged. This is something that some of the biggest real estate companies on this post will tell you for free. Moreover, you cannot calculate maintenance cost in rent when problems such as leakages, frequent electric faults, poor garbage management and so on and so forth are seen on your property.


4. Delayed eviction

It is another common mistake that most property owners commit when they are running into problems with the tenant. Most properties delay the eviction process due to their inability to handle the process within a short time, especially if they own other properties in different cities. To avoid such incidence, a property owner needs to start the eviction process as soon as there is a disagreement between them and the tenants.


5. Differed checks

Most property owners delay property visits which makes the tenants become careless and avoid property maintenance. Such cases lead to permanent damages to the property which may be costly. You can avoid by paying regular visits to the property whereby the tenants should be fully informed before so that you do not interfere with their privacy. They will respect your property, and you will still enjoy the profit of your asset.


From the above article, most property owners understand what to expect in the real estate business, but the problems only come in when they lag and use other unnecessary methods. So if you are thinking of such a lucrative business, you should avoid the above mistake to protect your property for the future.

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