Curating a Look That Will Help You to Stand Out from the Crowd

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Nowadays, forming a part of the crowd can feel so easy. So many people share the same look and there seems to be an overall lack of originality or uniqueness amongst people’s supposedly individual styles. But what about those of us who want to stand out? The ones who want to veer away from the crowd and present ourselves as we truly want to present ourselves? If this sounds like you, well, you’re in luck! Stick with us as we go through a few tips and tricks that will help you to curate a truly individual look!

The Main Body of Your Wardrobe

The main body of your wardrobe tends to say a lot about you as a person – it really can speak volumes. Unfortunately, nowadays, the majority of us shop at major retailers for the sake of ease and convenience. If you see something you like, chances are that it will be in stock in your size. If not, you can order it into store or order it online. But these mass produced items are going to be hanging up in hundreds, if not thousands, of other people’s wardrobes too. Now, curating the bulk of your outfit from easily accessible goods can be great. But you might want to consider incorporating some signature pieces from alternative sources into your style if you want to acquire a unique aesthetic.

Vintage Stores

A good place to start searching is vintage stores. These are filled with clothing from times gone by and you can scout out some absolute gems. They may originate from an era where clothes were handmade, meaning you have a one-off piece. If not, there’s still a good chance that your piece is the only remaining version of a particular item in good enough condition to wear today. You’re much less likely to run into someone wearing exactly the same ensemble!

Thrift Stores

Clothing in thrift stores doesn’t tend to be vintage. It also doesn’t tend to be as well curated as clothing in vintage stores. But you can source some brilliant, low-cost finds here. Sometimes people donate designer goods and you can scoop them up at an extremely low price, grabbing a pretty unique item that few others have their hands on at a portion of the original cost.


If vintage and thrift clothing don’t appeal to you and you have the skills and time on your hands, you might want to consider making your own clothing. This will create some genuine, bonafide, one-off pieces to your wardrobe. What’s more? It endows you with complete control over your clothing. You can choose the fabrics, the textures, the colors, the patterns. You can determine the items of clothing being made and their fit. You can add buttons, pockets, patches… whatever you want. The freedom associated with creating your own wardrobe is astounding!


Shoes, of course, have an extremely practical use. But at the same time, they contribute to your outfit significantly.


When looking to put a unique spin on your style, it’s absolutely essential that you remember to accessories. A good place to start this journey is with jewelry.  Jewelry tends to be an investment piece, so make sure to shop around and opt for high quality items from unique boutiques like the Seersucker Sassy preppy jewelry boutique. All sorts of jewelry can contribute to your look. Whether that may be bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, or even pins. You might also want to look into even more personal options, such as charm bracelets (which can tell a story of your interests, passions, experiences, and achievements) or jewelry that incorporates your birthstone.


Many of us have had our ears pierced since a relatively young age. But other forms of piercings are becoming increasingly accepted and more widely seen in society. Piercings can adorn a host of body parts with pretty jewelry. Some options are discreet, such as small studs in the ear lobes or ear cartilage. Others are more bold and noticeable, such as septum piercings. The key to finding the right piercing for you is to browse the different options available to you and to even try out fake gems or jewelry, which can let you see how real piercings would look on you. If you do opt to get a piercing, make sure to get some aftercare advice from your piercer and to stick to this. This will help your piercing to heal as quickly as possible with as little risk as possible.


People tend to completely overlook hair when it comes to considering a personal look. Sure, clothes are bound to spring to mind first – they are more easily changeable and you can switch from one look to another on a daily basis if you so wish. Our hair, one the other hand, is quite literally a part of us and we tend to automatically accept it for what it is or forget about it, styling it in the same fashion that we always have. But there’s so much that you can do with your locks that can completely alter your overall look! Certain haircuts can indicate a lot about a person’s taste. Traditional cuts can allow more focus to fall on someone’s wardrobe. Bolder cuts and colors can complement a particular look or can purposefully draw away from clothing to be focused entirely on the hair. Signature cuts can evoke nostalgia for different time periods or subcultures. So, browse different options and consider whether your current hairstyle is doing you favors or needs to be switched up!

Sure, the majority of us will focus on our wardrobes when it comes to the bulk of our efforts to curate a unique look. But it’s important to remember that there are other areas that you might want to look into and focus on too! Hopefully, the above information will help to provide you with some ideas and inspiration when it comes to helping you to stand out from the vast majority of people.


Saman is quintessential Dubai -- of Pakistani heritage, brought up in the US and settled in cosmopolitan downtown Dubai. She attended fashion school in NY after which she pursued successful careers in fashion merchandising and marketing. Saman is now telling stories about trend setters and innovators in the fashion, art and design world. These stories talk about, the source of their creativity – what lies beneath, what is the source of their creativity, drive, passion, inspiration and secrets. She wants to search for creative people and tell the story of their creative journey, whether in fashion, art or design. She hopes readers of Social Magazine Dubai will be inspired and feel a connection with Dubai lifestyle, fashion, art, design and culture.

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