Hit the Road: Why a Road Trip Is Always a Good Idea

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When is the last time you had a real, authentic road trip? The kind where you went off the beaten path a bit? Maybe there was a cooler in the backseat and you committed yourself to checking out the weirdest roadside attractions you could find. Road trips used to be an American milestone, but they’ve gone out of fashion. Sadly, that’s not a huge surprise. We live in a fast-paced world where instant gratification is sought after. Slowing things down and taking a car when lightning-fast trains and planes are available doesn’t make much sense—or does it?

Road trips are good for you. Slowing down is good for you. Being in a car with your family, friends, or even your own company is an opportunity to tap into a different part of your life. However, some best practices should be in place. First of all, you don’t want to depend on a lemon for these trips. You need something a little luxurious like a 2019 Audi Q7 or another dream car that will make you proud to take on the open road. Plus, new cars are simply less likely to have issues. Nobody loves a road trip that involves hitchhiking or waiting hours for AAA.

Still not convinced? If it’s been awhile since you took a road trip (or never have!) here are a few reasons why it’s always a good move:

  1. You see your surroundings in a different way. Sure, it’s relaxing to gaze out the window while on a train and take in the landscape. But you’re a passive participant in these situations. Actually being behind the wheel and having the freedom to take detours, stop, or change directions entirely puts you in control. In turn, you get to see your surroundings in new and surprising ways. Why be passive when you can be the active driver in these trips?
  2. You have a lot more flexibility. Maybe you decide to stay an extra day at one of your stops. Perhaps there are some roadside attractions that actually require 30 minutes compared to the two hours you had planned. No matter what changes pop up, you’re going to have a lot more flexibility when you’re on a road trip. A plane isn’t going to change destinations for you just because you have a whim.
  3. You’ll be more comfortable. Unless you only fly first-class, a road trip is simply more comfortable. In fact, even if you do only fly first-class, a good car is more enjoyable. However, this does go back to making sure you have a car you enjoy. You’ll have more legroom, if you’re with others you can swap out driving duties, and it’s essentially a moving studio where you’re in control of snacks, music, entertainment, and more. Why settle for anything less?
  4. Bonding happens on road trips. This doesn’t mean you have to go with others to enjoy this experience. There’s something about the open road that encourages relationships to flourish, and that includes relationships with yourself. You don’t get that on flights where everyone is staring at their screen. The driver has no choice but to keep their eyes on the road, either in contemplation or in shared experiences with others in the car. Of course, if you’re traveling with kids, you’ll have to monitor screen time. A road trip is the perfect opportunity to explain the values of keeping one another company.

Road trips are still feasible and a fantastic way to explore your surroundings and your relationships. Plus, with eco-friendly cars available, it’s often more affordable than other forms of transportation.

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