How To Plan An Interesting Alternative Dinner Party Menu

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When attending or hosting dinner dinner parties these days it’s so easy to be caught in the trap of having the same old food and drink being trotted out at every occasion. So why not have a look at some out of the box thinking when compiling your food and drink offers for your next social dinner event. Check out these ideas to make a menu that will have your friends and guests talking for weeks on end!

Foraging For Your Own Ingredients

Now this is really a conversation starter as well as a culinary choice, you know if your guest start tucking into their starters and you begin with, “you’ll never guess where the garlic for this has come from” you’ll have an interesting topic on the go already when you can start telling them of your hunt for wild garlic and when it’s in season, where to find it etc. There is a surprising amount of ingredients can be found by foraging from the aforementioned wild garlic to brambles, elderflower and more than enough to use for ingredients in starters, mains and desserts. Not only does this method of obtaining ingredients provide an interesting experience at the dinner the finding of these actually can be a fun day out for all the family.

Food And Drink Made From Surprising Alternative Ingredients

There is a whole host of food and drink that’s being produced from a range of inventive non-traditional ingredients that will surprise and excite you and your guests. I’ve been particularly interested in wines and beers made from or using ingredients other than the obvious ones, recently I had been using a lot of matcha powder teas and I was delighted to find that there are several companies producing wine with that lovely matcha as an ingredient and I can say it’s entirely delightful! Still on the subject of wines there is a lovely range of fruit based wine from Scottish firm Cairn O’ Mohr which I have absolutely fallen in love with, they are just so different and really work as well, I’d strongly recommend giving them a go! Also we need to talk about food, there are a whole range of different unusual ingredient combinations that would actually work this article shows that a mixture of fruity and traditionally savoury ingredients can give your dish a surprising punch that really works so be inventive and see what works for you.

Grow Or Produce Your Own

There’s a huge increase of growing your own food, there’s nothing lovelier than the fresh taste of something grown in your own garden, this can range from planting a few herbs to trying to be self sufficient and live off the land although like most things it’s easy to find a happy medium somewhere in-between these two extremes. There are so many easy to grow products in your own garden and a lot of these beans, peas and salad items are used in so many dishes you’ll not struggle at all to incorporate into many dishes that you won’t struggle at all to put together.

So why not give it a go and embrace the unusual and alternative and it’ll surely enhance your food and give you a great range of conversation starters for your guests.


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