How to Throw the Perfect Garden Party

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Today I noticed a beautiful patch of fully blossomed daffodils on my morning walk to work, and this can only mean one thing, summer is almost here. With the evenings staying lighter, days getting longer and weather slowly becoming warmer it’s almost time to get out your sunglasses and enjoy the gorgeous weather. The atmosphere instantly becomes more positive, everybody has a spring in their step and there’s so much more colour. I just love summer, there’s no better feeling than inviting loads of friends round for a get-together with Pimms, BBQ food and lots of giggles. One of the most exciting parts of summer is the parties, those lovely social catch ups that you can jot down in your diary. Although they are weather permitting, there are so many fun and exciting ways in which you can throw a great garden party for friends and family. From a quick visit to Milford’s, to a food shop at M&S, here are some top tips to help you throw the perfect garden party!

Decide what kind of theme you want to display for your garden party, you could go for a fun character themed décor or you could stick to a simple colour scheme such as creams, pinks, blues or greens. Whichever colour you decide to go for, you can use it with your choice in tablecloth, napkins, place names etc. Take a look at the furnishings you have, think about how you can dress them to make them look fun and exciting. Table cloths are a perfect starting point, not only do they look great, but they also prevent you from getting unwanted stains on your oak garden table! Dressing the table to suit your theme is also a great idea. Think about how you want to have your party, some like a sit down meal whereas others may like to have a more laid back approach, for example BBQ food buffet, placing chairs around the garden for people to mingle and walk around as they please.

Food plays a major role in any party, there are so many different cuisines you can go for. The most traditional food for a garden party, without a doubt, is BBQ food. You could however prepare a tapas spread, or even a buffet from around the world which would be a great way to cater for every guests’ likes.  Drinks are another key element, and also very important especially if it’s a warm summers day. A range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages is the best way to go, Pimms and Sangria are great summertime drink choices. For the non-alcoholic drinks, a range of fizzy and still drinks will go down a treat, you could even make some ‘mocktails’ to add a little extra to the table. Remember to make sure you have plenty of water and ice; these are essentials for any summer day regardless to whether your partying or not!

A great way to turn your garden into a vibrant oasis for your party guests to enjoy is to decorate. Decorating the surroundings can really help create the right atmosphere and vibe for your party, you don’t have to go over the top, just add a few little decorative pieces to make your garden look that little bit more special. Simple features such as draping some fairy lights across your fencing panels or even a smaller tree will create a gorgeous ambience and add a little magic to your garden. You could also consider some small candle pots, you can get some gorgeous hanging lanterns that you can either hang from a branch or simply place on the table or patio, again creating a lovely atmosphere and providing you some additional lighting when the sun starts to set. Adding a couple of blankets or throws to the seating arrangement will also go down a treat, as once the evening sets in there can sometimes be a slight summer breeze which may cause a few goosebumps!


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