How Your Venus Signs Affect Your Compatibility

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Compatibility, which means  two or more individuals are able to coexist without
problems or conflict , is essential in any meaningful relationship. This is true
regardless of whether the relationship in question is one of a romantic, platonic, or
professional nature. While you can use your astrological signs to determine your
compatibility with just about any person, your sun may not be best in determining with
whom you're most romantically compatible. That's where your Venus sign comes in.

According to  Thought Catalog , your Venus sign is the aspect of your birth chart that
focuses less on your broader personality traits and more on how you show and prefer
to receive love and affection. Read on to learn what your Venus sign means for your
love life.

Venus in Aries

Aries tend to be self-centered in their pursuit of love and are more about the thrill of
the chase than complacency. Aries are passionate, impulsive, and highly sexual.
Those with this sign pair best with people who indulge their whims and keep the fire

Venus in Taurus

Taurus are sensual, physical individuals who take relationships seriously. These
individuals, once in love, give their partners the world. They desire comfort and
stability and are therefore attracted to those who are strong and committed.

Venus in Gemini

Geminis know how to have fun and are often seen as flirty, indecisive, and
sometimes flaky. However, when they find love, they're willing to commit. People with
this sign are  astrologically compatible  with those who are attractive, intelligent, fun,
and sexual.

Venus in Cancer

Cancers are not the kind of people to "hook up," but rather, value love and
domesticity. Cancers are caring and nurturing, though they do tend to bury problems
under the rug. Cancers need someone who is authentic, sincere, and honest.

Venus in Leo

Leos are loud and proud, much like they are in their sun sign. Once they fall for
someone, they fall hard—sometimes to the point of obsession. While this is great
when paired with the right person, a selfish partner can bring a Leo down.

Venus in Virgo

Virgos are far from romantic and tend to show their affections by helping out in
practical ways. Because many people don't view such gestures as romantic, Virgos
are often underappreciated. Virgos pair best with people who are timid and quiet.

Venus in Libra

Libras need relationships, and if they're not in one, they're always looking for one.
Libras value togetherness above all else, something that may cause them to sacrifice
their identity. Libras prefer partners who are clingy and dependent.

Venus in Scorpio

Scorpios are intense, so much so that it tends to scare people off. Scorpios thrive on
drama, crave intimacy, and are capable of deeply loving someone. However,

Scorpios tend to grow obsessive and become jealous if they don't receive enough

Venus in Sagittarius

Sagittarius are untraditional when it comes to matters of the heart. They like to keep
things exciting, easy-going, and fun. Sagittarius do not like to feel caged in or
stagnant so need someone is just as spontaneous and unrestrained as them.

Venus in Capricorn

Capricorns crave stability and comfort, as they provide the same to their partners.
Capricorns are cautious and unspontaneous, and it takes them a lot of time and
thought to let themselves go on a romantic level. However, once a Capricorn's walls
are down, he or she can be warm and affectionate.

Venus in Aquarius

For Aquarius, romance is low on the list of priorities. However, when they do decide
to find love, they want someone who is an intellectual match. These people tend to
be free spirits and need someone who values their sense of freedom.

Venus in Pisces

Pisces are the reason for the term "hopeless romantic," as to them, everything about
love is magical. People of this sign are warm and sensitive, but once in love, they can
be elusive and mystical. Unfortunately, because Pisces love so much, they may be
tempted to shed their own likes and dislikes to please a potential partner. Pisces pair
best with people who are warm-hearted and wistful, just like them.

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