It’s Not Your Website, It’s You; Sure Signs That You Aren’t Doing Your Online Presence Any Favors

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You already know how important business websites are these days. Your online presence is probably the last thing you think about before you close your eyes at night. You, more than anyone else in your office, are aware of how much this could make or break your every effort in business. That fact petrifies you. As such, you’ve been dedicating your efforts here since before your business even got off the ground. By this stage, you’re pretty proud of what you’ve achieved. The trouble is that you have yet to see any real results.

It can be crushing to see your work going to waste like this, but it’s a reality many business owners face. Sometimes, it comes down to nothing more than needing to grow interest before anything happens. Or, it may be that your website isn’t quite as good as you think it is.

If you were a total online newbie when you started out, something which impresses you might not have the edge customers are expecting. If your online traffic is flatlining, it’s possible you just haven’t done your website justice. To get to the bottom of this, do some browsing on competitive web pages to see what you’re up against. Then, consider whether your attempts to do this alone are letting you down in the following ways.

The use of basic website coding

You may be a business owner, but you don’t have a degree in website coding. HTML is still alien to you. Still, you were able to pick up enough basics to develop something halfway respectable. Sadly, that might not be anywhere near enough to see you achieving any real success here. Think about; you’re going head to head with some of the best-designed websites in the world. These are pages created by individuals who did study code at some stage in their lives. Your small skill set doesn’t stand a chance against someone like that, so it’s no wonder things are flatlining. If your web design pales in comparison to better options, then, it’s time to take action. Lucky for you, companies like Full Scale make it easier than ever for you to do just that. Their trained PHP programmers can develop a website with a whole load more know-how. Or, you may want to sign up for proper courses and learn this kind of thing yourself. Either way; accepting that you can’t do it all may be the only way to take your website to the next level at last. No more simplistic HTML efforts for you. Instead, you’ll be able to give the best a real run for their money.

Getting stuck behind the times

Even if your website itself is top notch, getting stuck behind the times could also be your undoing here. For example, consider that 52.2% of online traffic now comes from alternative devices like smartphones. As such, a basic website which works on a computer is no longer enough to sustain you. If that’s all you’ve got right now, it’s no wonder you aren’t seeing any success. Instead, you need to focus on creating a responsive website design which can see you up there with the latest advancements. Note, too, that offering things like live web chats on your page is also now pretty essential. A long-winded contact form which could take weeks is nowhere near enough to see you through. As if all that weren’t enough, you also need to consider things like additional video content or an ongoing blog. These can all boost your Google ranking, and see customers coming back to your website time and again. If you haven’t got them right now, though, it’s no wonder you’re struggling to break even.

Failing to provide the right content

Let’s say that you’ve got a blog on your site already, but your numbers are still down. It may just be that the content you’re posting isn’t hitting the mark. If that’s the case, you may as well not have a blog at all. Irrelevant or uninteresting posts will see you losing favor with Google and your readership. Before you know it, you face putting in even more work here than those negligible results are worth. Instead of blindly posting, then, you need to spare a thought for your content in general. Bear in mind that you should be posting stuff which is relevant without being too on the nose. Consider posting advice articles and reviews which you can link back to your products. Pay attention to your most popular posts, and make sure to give your audience more of what they want. On a fundamental level, make sure to turn to tools like Grammarly to get your writing to a quality level. Or, you could outsource a content creation company to take care of all this for you. Either way, your content definitely isn’t doing you any favors as it stands.

Not getting enough traffic in the first place

You could have the best website going, and it still wouldn’t help you at all if you weren’t getting enough traffic in the first place. Sorry to say it, but just putting your site out there isn’t enough to secure views. You also need to focus on things like a social media campaign and general online presence. Your blog and other such efforts could also be a huge help here. Either way, don’t let your quality website go to waste. Work on things like your SEO rankings. Make sure, too, that you’re pulling traffic from as many different places as possible. You may even find that paid Google promotions are the best way to go. Either way; you’re never going to do your website justice if you’re the only person who looks at it regularly.

Getting to grips with business online isn’t easy. This is probably far from what you imagined when you started your enterprise. But, by addressing these issues, you should soon find that your website brings the benefits you always hoped it would.

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