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“As a Hairstylist and Colorist specializing in Balayage Lightened Hair, I have seen optimum results of neutralization in tone and luminous shine after each use for all my lightened hair clients.”

The products from the full range feels weightless. The hair feels soft and is easy to manage after the initial use.

Customize the range according to your type of blonde and desired neutralization. For best results cleanse first with BAIN LUMIÈRE , then BAIN ULTRA-VIOLET then treating with CICAFLASH .

Use MASQUE ULTRA-VIOLET for 3-5 minutes once to a few times a week as needed for optimum neutralization.
The masque can even soften the root color which is excellent for those seeking superior neutralization of tone.

“Ultra-Concentrated Hyaluronic Acid makes the hair feel fortified and hydrated, the Ultra-Violet Neutralizers eliminate golden and brassy tones, and the Edelweiss Flower provides antioxidants against daily damage. Anyone with lightened hair wants their hair to feel strong, soft and shiny. BLOND ABSOLU provides it all.”

CICAPLASME is used to prime the hair once the hair is cleansed and treated. CICAPLASME is extremely light and gives an incredible luminescence to the hair. It provides heat protection up to 450 degrees, which is important for all blondes and brunettes who have lightened hair. Apply 2 pumps in damp hair before styling.

The fragrance is light and clean, a luxurious aromatic floral scent with notes of musk and wood.

By: Nicole Eventoff
Kérastase Tech Team Artist
Designer Stylist @Metropolisspasalon


Nicole’s Editorial work has been seen in Downtown Magazine, Inked Magazine, & Social Lifestyle Magazine. Today, she continues to work editorial photoshoots with master talent in the fashion industry in NYC. Nicole has styled hair backstage at New York Fashion Week for models of leading designers such as Carlos Campos, Edmund Ooi, Victor De Souza, Katie Gallagher, Jad Ghandour, Ewa Minge, THAKOON & ALTUZARRA. She takes great pride in working with Celebrity Master Session Hairstylists from KERASTASE, SHU UEMURA & (a)ORIBE HAIRCARE. Nicole is a a National Tech Team Artist Educator for Kérastase and a Designer Hairstylist at Metropolis Spa Salon in Princeton , New Jersey. For more information visit

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