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Most Surprising Property Destinations For Property Investment.

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Property investment is a hot ticket and it can be said that there is always opportunity to invest in bricks and mortar as people will always need homes and businesses will always need offices and premises. So although there is much information out there on how to get started in property investment we are going to look specifically about location for your investment opportunity to see the different advantages and disadvantages of them.

At Home, In Your Own Town

It’s maybe a fairly simple point to make but if you are looking to invest in property then the closer to home it is the more local knowledge you will have for one and using this knowledge you can choose locations with a bit more of a clue as to what you can get. This is especially true if you are looking to lease out property and become a landlord as you will then be able to more closely keep an eye on your tenants, how they are looking after your property in a way that would be more difficult with a property which is further away. You’ll also have a greater grasp of how pricing has fluctuated in recent years and be able to more accurately see a good deal when it surfaces.


One good option if looking a little bit further afield is to consider our neighbour to the North, Canada, where much of the country is English Speaking and at least the French parts have enough English speakers to allow business to be conducted without any huge issues. There are so many areas that can give you different property investment opportunities from vast rural areas with agriculture or tourism opportunities to the large cosmopolitan urban areas not unlike our own cities in the USA, this gives a familiar market with extra opportunity.

Other States In The USA

What about looking at other states within the US as this gives you the advantage of being in a somewhat familiar culture but also gives you the variety of investment opportunities such as finding development opportunities in states such as Iowa where property prices are on the rise and could see investments increase over the next few years. One thing to be aware of going down this route is that although it’s still in our own country going to other states can give you property laws that differ from back home, so be sure to do your research thoroughly before committing to any opportunity.

Abroad – Europe Or Further Afield?

Why not look a bit further afield, many people invest in property in other countries other countries and find it a great investment opportunity. Buying and renting out holiday homes in various parts of Europe is commonplace and can be a big money maker, there are loads of English people buying and renting out properties in popular holiday resorts in Spain and Portugal, for example, and a vacation home can be used for your own purposes when not being let out.

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