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Out Is The New In: Landscaping Trends To Look Out For

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It’s what’s on the outside, not the inside that counts. And this saying has never been truer than for your outdoor space. Think of your backyard or garden as an extension of your home, a place to entertain and impress, to relax in and enjoy. Is there nothing better than unwinding in the sun in your own backyard?

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Transform your outdoor living space with the help of these landscaping trends to look out for.

Low-maintenance for elegant simplicity

A beautiful outdoor space is nice to have, but it can be difficult to maintain. This is what’s great about a low-maintenance garden. Choose plants that require little maintenance and keep those that are messy (that drop leaves, etc.) away from areas like your patio or pool. When it comes to your outdoor furniture, look for items that have long-lasting, easy-to-clean materials – you don’t want to spend your weekends scrubbing them down! If you’re a fan of minimal interior design, you’ll find plenty of ways to incorporate it into your outside space too.

Build a staycation space

Can’t afford a break this year? Why not build a staycation space instead? Some top ideas include a DIY bar area, as well as installing some luxe loungers. You can go all out with covered walkways, a firepit and a sound system to create a fantastic space that you will love to entertain in. Who needs a vacation when you can have the time of your life in your own backyard?

Block out the noise with a water feature

When you live in a busy area or in the middle of the city, the background noise can be a big distraction when you’re trying to relax outdoors. A water feature not only looks great, but it can also help to drown out surrounding noises, while also adding a calming presence to your space. Take a look at some water feature inspiration to help you plan your own.

Lighting design to help you make the most of your space

When you design a beautiful garden space, you’ll want to be able to enjoy it for longer than just daylight hours. The right garden lighting can create the perfect ambience, ideal for those balmy summer evenings or al fresco dining with friends and family. Plan your garden lighting so that all of the right areas are covered, and try to use solar-powered lights to keep your costs and energy use down. Lanterns are a great way to add additional lighting, and using citronella candles can also help you keep the bugs and mosquitos at bay.


Whatever you plan to use your backyard or garden for, there are some modern, chic trends to take advantage of this year. There’s a lot of it that you can do yourself with a bit of grafting, or you can bring in some professionals to tackle the work in a hurry. Enjoy making the most of these landscaping trends and transform your outdoor space.

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