Productivity Woes? Make Daily Life Simpler For Employees

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Despite working hours slowly but surely becoming more flexible, most people will still choose to work only 8 hours a day. That still means that they have a limited amount of time to make sufficient progress at work. For every business owner, they want to maximize productivity so every single one of those 8 hours makes an impact. It’s not as easy as verbally whipping your employees to hurry up and acknowledge that time is of the essence when meeting a deadline. They already know these things so, you’ll have to be more creative. Or do you? Don’t spend time thinking of some elaborate scheme that will speed work up, but rather make things simpler. The fewer obstacles that are in the way of an employee completing their task, the quicker they will accomplish that task. The fewer things that can go wrong, the more productive employees will be.

Set a time limit

In the modern era of business, some think that leaving a task open ended with regards to when it should be completed, helps employees. This is one train of thought, but have you ever thought about providing more structure to their focus? Setting a time limit on each task means, they can achieve more of a task or even complete multiple tasks in one day. For example you are in the early stages of creating a product. If an employee spent all day long polishing the design of the product, they won’t get to the tasks of the software, marketing angles, performance, hardware and quality testing. Instead of focussing on one task, they can work on several throughout the day. Some are easier than others so your employees will get ahead in one way or another while still working the same hours.

Summarize objectives daily

An employee has just come back from some time off, and they are going to resume their post today. You are in the middle of creating a new product that they have never worked on before. How do you explain it to them, so they can get to work and make sufficient progress? Simplifying what the tasks are and why, makes them easy to understand no matter if you have been at the beginning of the process or just joined. Bullet point and summarize the objectives of the day every day. This allows everyone in the office to automatically know where they left off or where to begin.

Simpler is faster

We all have our quirks. Some of us type in a different font to our colleagues because it helps our eyes to latch onto words and sentences from a glance. Implementing a Corporate typeface will simplify the font to a point where everyone can feel comfortable using it. This can improve communication by fewer misreading mistakes. The words will be clearer because the lettering is more precise. The simpler the font, the faster your employees can read and absorb information.

Instead of making things unnecessarily complex, simplify things to give employees a better chance at improving their task work. Set time limits for each task, so they don’t get bogged down and can move onto completing other tasks that could task less time.

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